The Future of Travel Membership Sites in the Awakening of Groupon

Over the last few months, with all other consumers (except for the big wig, the Wall Street MBA, or called them mystics), they wondered if Groupon had billions of dollars in the world. The truth is that it does not matter. The ability to say that gazillion is worth a dollar and so are. And there begins the fun.

Even though we all know that the Groupon model is like the speed of light-emitting train, we all want it. However, it is even better if the light-emitted trains are on the track. This is how the travel industry has noted and builds a line for Groupon, such as,, and Haunte's members. This could not have happened at a better time. If the trend is correct, consumers who buy luxury goods are still worried about the economy and itching to find the best deal. Perhaps psychological – obviously the kind of person who even purchases luxury goods at discounted prices is not worried about the economy.

Maybe we just get a great feeling when we think we have a great deal of bargaining. Whatever the reason why more and more people join these members are just bargain websites, and more often than not, the site also offers travel offers for the mix. The question is whether these travel deals are sold? Or do these trips only create window dressing in order to create a lifestyle appearance and feel that consumers who subscribe to these places or want to think that they are part of them? Is it easier for these members to only have luxury good sites using the best vehicle to reach the Groupon trillion dollar track? Maybe.

The Groupon model is simple: local dealers visit the Groupon website and ask you to deal with the local market. Groupon has a trader with a trader to train details of the business, such as retail cost savings, etc. At the time appointed by the trader, and enough people buy the deal to be "on". Groupon 50 The percentage of revenue, the merchant receives a check for the other 50%, and the consumer gets a great deal of business. Everyone wins? Not so fast. The merchant must now respect the Groupon business, which means that they have done the homework! Keep in mind that Groupon keeps 50% of the revenue you've already deducted. So now the dealer is a consumer who gets a piece of cost or service. This consumer will come back better and pay a full price a few times or buy something else at full cost when using this Groupon. Otherwise, more often than not everybody wins except for the trader. If this model is that everyone is rushing to emulate, then take care carefully: traders will not re-engage if everything they do is losing money.

So what's all about luxury hotels with membership sites and travel. As a humble observer and as a person who knows very well the margins living and dying in the travel industry, we all pay attention to these margins while relying on these luxury goods only on sites. Yes, there are millions of free subscribers who buy expensive things at a discounted price. Yes, these subscribers are interested in traveling or not. But these subscribers are more expensive for trouble, they are even more expensive to keep and require more attention than the average Joe on Expedia.

The bottom line is that the entire window that is made of the product, pre-sale and post-sales copy and retention will impact the bottom line and be carefully considered before arriving at the train station, never diving on the train. There are some who sell value through, the idea that this will be enough to separate them from the OTA world offered. I humbly disagree.

The truth is, no matter what kind of travel offer I offer on an exclusive website like a consumer, I will check the validity of the given discount on the hotel page and then on an OTA. Without giving other quantifiable values, the three are still cheaper. Does it sound like a new commodity with many bowls? You bet it is! This is without these members finding only the sites that offer a certain perceived value to the travel consumer that will increase the conversion. I guess we wait and see.

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