The best travel destination in South America

Looking for a new exciting destination? Do not look any further than Florianopolis, Brazil.

Florianopolis is a charming island located two hours south of the famous Rio de Janeiro. Florianopolis has blessed 42 beautiful beaches, one more eye-pleasing than the next, and the styles and atmospheres that fit any taste can be imagined. In addition, the island is blessed with soft white sand dunes, rolling green hills and crystalline lagoons. True to the paradise of nature lovers, they constantly find new treasures on the island.

There are more than 20 high-quality surfing on the island's many beaches, providing almost unlimited choices and variations to surfing surfers and, as such, Brazilian surfer capital. The WCT Pro Tour (the world's highest level surfing tournament) has just 12 stops in the world and is the only South American in Florianopolis. So if the waves are sufficient for Slater, Irons & co. For him, that is a very good sign.

In addition to the stunning natural beauty of the island, visitors can also admire the wonderful dining and night life of the island, one of South America's best, as well as a wide range of leisure activities for sports enthusiasts and shop-a-holics. Unlike Sao Paulo and Rio, the Florianopolis remained completely safe (Brazil's largest urban mega-centers, such as Sao Paulo and Rio), despite the state capital and the international radar screen only a few years ago.

The "magical island", as many are referring to, fascinating visitors from all over the world have a marvelous impact, many of which come from dreams – not just to visit but to live!

Newsweek International has recently named Florianopolis a real offer to anyone for the 10 most dynamic cities in the world. So if you're looking for travel ideas, mark this list at the top!

As far as Florianopolis is concerned, if you are coming from the United States or Europe, consider the following two options: [19659002] For full-service surfing / adventure tours, which also include a guided nightlife, the best choosing a Nexus Surf.

For those looking for deluxe and high-end accommodations on the best spot in the island (remember to choose 42 beaches) wisely !, Floripa Vacation Homes offers an excellent selection of well-kept private homes and a number of additional services to complete your stay on the island, including concierge services that help you find exactly what you are looking for for activities, services, meals and nightlife!

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