The benefits and disadvantages of travel insurance

Everyone loves to vacation and definitely has to think about traveling overseas to a foreign country. What should be on top of who is traveling? The answer is roadside insurance, but some do not see the importance, so let's look at both sides.

O.K. Let's be him. One side of things is Pro; According to your preference:

The primary cause of travel insurance is that overseas medical care is extremely expensive.

The second point of support is that you can lose your transit package at any time or whole, causing a catastrophe without insurance

The third positive point is stolen, lost or badly restored valuables, even if the emotional The fourth support point will give priority to age, and one day does not prevent it from covering cover, which means that anyone of the age can take travel

Finally, the fifth aid intent is that if you are traveling for some reason without work or family commitments, you can claim insurance and not lose the trip. [19659002] And on the back, for balance, on Con side, opposite:

The first point opposite to travel insurance is that no syndrome happens to me and if I do not take out the collateral I will have more money in my pocket

And the second negative point is why I need to be insured young and healthy and never sick.

The third contradiction is that I always travel and never been

The fourth negative point is that I'm very careful with the values ​​when I travel, so I'm wasting money to buy things I'm not going to use . And the fifth and last, though not necessarily the least, to check if I'm prepared for gambling and I do not take any insurance.

So there are all arguments on both sides.

Finally, what's this "bottom line" here? Is travel insurance really compulsory during travel?

The answer seems to be "Yes" for this question. You, the reader, must choose which side, good or bad, outperforms the other.

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