The beauty and value of a Spanish holiday

Spain is a wonderful place for a pleasant vacation on the shores of the shores. Moreover, Spain is not an expensive choice. I have heard the statistics that since the 1960s thousands of Britains and Germans have chosen to choose a vacation in Spain. Not so bad choice when considering the low price of the deal. The sun and the cheap beer are not a combination that you should leave.

In recent years, hotel complexes that cater to tourists who are different from the usual restaurants in Spain are built. The complexes are not only attracting younger kids and golfers hunting for sex, sun and surfing, but for the whole family. In Spain, older middle-class people are missing who want to play tennis and want to play golf and who are looking for luxury. Spain has to find a way to attract such people to a holiday in Spain.

Recently, my husband and I took a vacation in Spain. We both expect a nice and peaceful vacation in Spain. On the contrary, when we arrived, we were astonished to see that more and more people came after the last visit. I felt as though a building was being built, there would have been no mountain. It was difficult for me to get a picture of a crane-free place somewhere in the background. I was very disappointed with my Spanish holiday.

I found out that the most popular seaside resorts were made for British visitors. It turned out to be British beer to drink in British beer and I could not miss an episode of my favorite soap opera that I'm following while I'm in Britain and eating traditional British meals in restaurants. In that case, why should Spain go? Would not it be cheaper and better to stay in England?

It was soon revealed that there is another type of Spanish holiday. This kind of Spanish holiday I would like to eagerly recommend for you. This kind of vacation in Spain can also be called, visiting the real Spain. This is Spain where people do not disturb them in Spanish. They are proud to present their nationalism and cultural heritage.

If you ever went to a vacation in Spain, you probably went to Madrid. The capital is a modern city with wonderful history. Madrid is really a good place to start your holiday in Spain.

Northeastern Spain is Catalonia. Catalonia is a wonderful region with its own identity and language. The most beautiful city in Catalonia is Barcelona. Barcelona is home to the magnificent buildings of the famous architect Antoni Gaudi. While you are in Spain, visit Figueres, the city of the famous artist Salvador Dali.

For a vacation in Spain, visit Andalusia – this is another region in Spain. Andalusia takes place in the southwestern part of the country. You will surely enjoy the Spain holiday in Spain in Andalusia as this is a really interesting place. Andalusia has been conquered by the Arabs in the past. As a result, we can see beautiful Islamic castles and palaces almost everywhere in Andalusia. The cities of Granada, Cordoba and Seville may lose their breath.

I conclude that Spain is a wonderful country, especially when we know it very well. If you like the Spanish holiday with contemporary comfort (shopping malls, bars, restaurants) you will get it. Soccer players can get to the Nou Stadium and watch the Barcelona team play. Otherwise, if you like a peaceful holiday in Spain, you can go in and start exploring Spain. One can get acquainted with the fact that in Spain, except for Salvador Dali, they have made artists like Goya, Picasso and Miro. I think you will forever remember the beautiful churches and cathedrals you will see on your holiday in Spain.

I was not eating British meals when I was in Spain. Why should I do it? I do not want to feel at home, I want to feel Spain! What is this strange holiday in Spain-Great Britain?

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