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Fuel prices are rising and the economy slows down this year. So it's an important part of the travel boots. Thailand is a fascinating and excellent travel destination, which is also an incredible business.

Smile land, Thailand is one of the truly unique Southeast Asian countries that stood in front of the mind. From the warm beaches of the southern shores to the king's mountain palace, in the northern Chang Mai, there are plenty of sights. Best of all, the world at one of the lowest cost of travel.

By the end of the 1990s, Asian economies collapsed in a year. Part of the disaster and its part lost the value of the currency. Like the dollar, it now suffered the Thai "Baht". Rather than expiring, it fell like a rock thrown from an airplane and did not really come back.

Simply put, this currency question has made cheap, low-cost space for Thailand. The biggest cost will be the flight. You have the option to start at least $ 650. It should also be noted that the flight is very long when it comes from North America. A Los Angeles flight can easily take up to 24 hours.

Once in Thailand, the good news is that you get a lot of money for the dollar. Yes, even now. I always go to nuts at any location, but I assume you're going to be reasonable. A good, fresh meal returns between $ 2 and $ 5, and means much less to avoid tourist areas.

There is an expensive meal item – beer. It is expected to pay $ 3 per bottle up to $ 2. This is not outrageous, but it seems to be conditioning the cheap food.

Acquisition is also incredibly cheap. Trains are popular but full of trains. One of the secrets of Thailand is the domestic aviation industry. Simply put, excellent and inexpensive. I flew from Bangkok to Chang Mai in the north of the country and spent a huge $ 38. Traveling on trains is great, but you lose a lot of time. Cheap domestic flights are a good way to avoid this.

Thailand is certainly a great place for those who want to maximize their experience at the lowest possible cost. There are the usual, high-priced touristic areas, but a little effort to avoid them can result in a trip that is cheaper than you would ever imagine.

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