Ten Must-Do when visiting South Africa

South Africa is the world's best gold maker and strong political player. Many people would like to visit this country to get to know the natural parks, many of which are interesting and simply wonderful. It is very rare to get near wildlife to their natural habitat.

first Kruger National Park

This park is easily the most popular in South Africa where tourists can watch lions, elephants, leopards, buffaloes and nests in popular films. But in the park they offer more than these, including some interesting animals and more flora and fauna than in one place. Beside the park, the richer look of the Sabie River.

2.) Augrabies Falls

Many waterfall visitors have a common attraction. The Augrabies waterfalls are spectacularly special, especially when Oranje needs to provide plenty of water, which gives waterfalls greater power. It still has a refreshing look, especially in South Africa.

3.) Blyde River Canyon

The canyons give a little taste of the beauty and wonderment of nature. And when it arrives in Mpumalanga, you can find one of the three largest canyons in the world – the canyon of the Blyde River. Standing on top of the canyon is a bit small and insignificant from this sight.

4.) Garden Route

You should not miss this paradise exhibition as Garden Route. It runs from Mossel Bay to Port Elizabeth. Tourists receive the filling of vegetables and plants, many of which can not be seen in their country of origin.

5.) Walking Tours

There are many hiking trails in South Africa, which is almost always possible in every park. You have to prepare yourself for a little bit of sweat because of the temperature. Overall, you will appreciate what you see as you walk and see the scenery as you progress.

6.) Durban

Durban offers plenty of opportunities for enjoying the sun and the beach. You can sunbathe here naturally or swim and cool in the waters. Surprisingly, there is an Indian market in the neighborhood where you can have a spicy food if you're interested.

7. The Cradle of Humanity

One of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, the cradle of humanity, is the place to look first into the ancient world. There are caves and caves that are the fat of hominids and monkeys. You get the chance to look at the real thing, not the schools.

8.) Surfing Joy

Are tired of the beaches that offer nothing more than swimming, boating, scuba diving and the usual things? You can get to Jeffreys Bay where surfing is normal or you can start riding large waves and get some waves when you're waving with waves. Even beginners or viewers can find the breed a good choice.

9.) Strucciai mills

Want to see the world's largest birds? You can try an Ostrich Farm near Oudtshoorn. You can enjoy visiting wonderful birds and see how great your egg can be.

10.) Robben Island

Is located along the coast of Cape Town. It is thanks to Nelson Mandela, who has been held for years. People will be curious about the circumstances of the prison where Mandela was taken and for justice for themselves.

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