Six best sex positions to get pregnant fast

What sexual positions do you have the best to be fast-fetched? Before we continue to do this, it is important to know that you may be pregnant at any position. This is because pregnancy always occurs when the male sperm meets the egg when he travels to the womb to the female fallopian tube. But many patients find it difficult to imagine, and this may be due to several reasons, including emotional stress, obesity, drugs and, of course, low sperm count, but the most important thing in this process is to place the sperm near the female cervix

But some agree that there are sexual positions that are getting pregnant more quickly, and it makes sense if you think that some sexual positions can really differentiate because gravity in certain positions allows sperm leakage. The woman's hip should be positioned so that the sperm is held so that there is more time for the sperm to reach the female cervix

. The missionary position is always the best because gravity will help the sperm to travel to the uterus where the egg will be and allow the highest possible penetration and the sex position that women behind her also increase gestational changes.

The spoon position is another sex position that helps in pregnancy a cozy and cozy situation in this situation where women are lying on their sides, in a C and a partner facing you and looking at your back and then entering the vagina from the back, while both are lying on their sides, the position of the spoon will help to correct the sperm that increases the contraction of the teeth.

Another choice is the side-by-side position where you and your loved one stand next to each other, facing each other this position can be realized anywhere. He will slip your leg and enter the angle. He'll lie on his back and he's on his side. Then, at your feet, place the nearest legs and get in from behind, and your face is still close to yours, making this position a calm and intimate one.

The dog style position is one of the many favorites and gravity is the most important in this position, which helps sperm to get in the right place, but this may not stay in a comfortable position for a long time, but this position is very popular.

When you put a pillow together under the hip it will help sperm through the cervix and keep it for about 20 to 30 minutes after sex, which increases the chance of pregnancy.

Finally, the positions to be avoided on the top of a woman, standing or sitting – this is because it can cause sperm leakage and result in less sperm on the egg.

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