Single Parents – When the kids go on vacation with their ex

If you are a single parent with a small child, it may be difficult for your children to go on holiday with their ex-spouse. I remember how difficult it was for my first time to have my children go out with their dad. My children were especially young at age 2 and 4.

If you are like me, the dream of a family is probably included in the adventure of family vacations. I look forward to experiencing new venues, trips to the park or my flight to my children. I wanted to be there with my kids to experience adventure .

I understand that breaking a heart may not make you feel that you are experiencing the holiday with your children. This is another aspect of divorce, which is difficult to accept. You may not like it. I wish it would be different. What can you do?

The reality is that you and your former spouse are taking a separate child. So, what can you do to make this experience pleasant for your children?

First, here are some ideas about what he can do for his children:

Comfort . Let the kids take a ride on something that gives comfort. Small children may have problems isolating their parents, especially if they do not see them for several days. suggestions; item, blanket, special stuffed animal, the image of the parent who is not going to go or anything that gives comfort to the child.

Comments / Cards / Pictures . If the kids disappear for several days, think about writing a note or card to keep them open every day. It is possible to include an image or draw an image if the child is too young to read it.

Care Pack . Make a package with a travel activity that matches the age of the child. It can be a sticker book, picture book, color book, game, cards or magazine. This may include a special treatment or a snack that the child can enjoy. This has been combined with the aforementioned note / card / image. Preparing a child's everyday packet has disappeared, giving them something to look forward to every day.

You can count your packages and surprise you the day before. You could follow a topic.

Second, here are some things you have to do for your children:

Contact Us . Allow and / plan your children to get in touch with the other parent. If you are a parent who is on vacation for children, you can schedule the time / day for the children to talk to the other parent.

Supports . Regardless of whether the parent leaves the parent or the parent behind the children, parents should be supported in the interests of the children. As far as you can hurt leaving your children without a vacation without you, you must be supportive.

If the kids feel that you are well with them, it is an indispensable journey, the more they accept them. If you feel that you do not want to go or that it is very difficult for you, the harder it will be for the kids.

Likewise, if a parent takes children for a vacation, he must support him to allow children to get in touch with the other parent while they are away. As an adult, you should strive to call the other parent and allow the children to talk to them.

Encourage . If the parent is not the child for a vacation, it should be encouraging and reassuring to his children for the sake of the children. Make sure that you love them and miss you, but they are excited about you. We encourage them to go and have fun. Let them know it's okay to go and have fun.

I know I can say hard. You may think of yourself, but I do not want them to go. You will be worried that the kids will not feel good, your ex-spouse will not care about them, or they can be very indispensable without you and it is offensive.

Think of the kids. This is when you need to remove your feelings and think about what is best for children . The reality is that they are going to vacation without you and take them on vacation without the other parent. What can you do to enjoy the holidays with and without your children? How do you want your ex-spouse to work with your child's vacations?

As children can prepare for your former spouse's holiday, I encourage you to make the anger or feelings you feel with your former spouse. Think about your children and what's best for them. How can you support and help to make a positive experience for your children? It is worth assessing that you need a separate vacation, without one of your parents being likely to be more difficult for the kids than you are.

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