Sights & Events in Newcastle, England

The 271,000-year-old Newcastle in 2007 is located in the northeast of England, on the north bank of the Tyne River. Newcastle was named after the 1080 mansion, William's conqueror, II. He was a son of Robert and has undergone changes over the centuries. As a center for wool trade and sports, it has become one of the world's largest shipbuilding and repair centers in the 16th century. These industries have largely disappeared, and Newcastle is well-known in business and culture.

Newcastle is a city of beautiful bridges, the 1928 semi-circular iron Tyne Bridge is an icon of the city. Another fine bridge is the 1849 high-level bridge designed by Robert Stevenson. The award-winning Gateshead Millennium Bridge is a modern bridge for pedestrians and bicycles.

The city center was built in neoclassical style, originally built in the 1830's and recently refurbished. There are many wonderful parks and open-air places in Newcastle since it is quite a green city. Town Moor is a particularly large and popular place, right up to the Newcastle United Football Club, home to the mighty St. James Park. Some other noteworthy buildings are the 14th-century Saint Nicholas Cathedral, which features an unusual luminaire and the St. Mary's Catholic Cathedral, built in 1844.

There are many attractions and places to enjoy, for example, the harbor area, a cultural mix that combines with modern art, music and many different cultural experiences with bars and nightclubs. Newcastle also has a large Chinatown, which is its own Chinese arc. Newcastle welcomes the Hoppings funfair in the last week of June and is one of the largest in Europe.

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