Shikari Devi Temple – A strange and mysterious place to visit India

With the mysterious eye, Shikari Devi Temple, which searches for all spiritual guidance and the pleasure of adventurous hikers on exciting terrain in the dangerous terrain, is located at Himachal Pradesh at 2850m above sea level, a huge Himalayas. In ancient times, the hunters (shikari) prayed to the goddess to sacrifice them. This is how the name of the sanctuary called "Shikari Devi" – the goddess of hunters.

The most mysterious fact of the ancient church is that it has no roof, and no one has ever built a roof until now. Snow will never fall into the church despite the big snowstorms. In addition to the temple promises, there was no wild beast attack and a bird or aircraft can not fly on top of the church in such a way that its shadow falls to the deity. Birds were seen dead from the sky when their shadows fell to the shrine. There was a fatal accident in the Mayor of Himachal in 1996, where he fell with his wife, his children and his pilots. The airplane was told to fly at a low altitude above the shrine, which shaded the shrine and then the accident occurred.

This church is located on the tip of a mountain that crossed the snow-capped mountains and thick forests with wildlife only a few days ago. Today, the Himachal tourism has opened some peaks in the jungle near the vehicles to reach the summit. However, it is still extremely difficult to travel to the church from Karsog Valley, Jhanjheli, Chindi. Still, it is a paradise for nature lovers, lush vegetation, pine trees, dry forests and apple orchards, as well as ancient folk proteins from October to April.

Mythology claims that wise Markandeye called a giant female Durga called meditation on this mountain, where the goddess left behind a stone statue with itself, with divine powers. Later, the Pandavas built the temple structure of the goddess during their exile and received a favor for their ability to overcome the Kauraws in the epic battle of Mahabharata. He secured them to victory, a battle he said will have been cooked for centuries for the various forms of evil.
Each year, at the Navratra Festival, a fair event is held here that attracts devotees from around the world and searches for blessings from the deity.

The location is accessible by road, as ordered by the Himachal government, at a distance of 16 km. Devotees need to climb 500 steps to get to temple promises when it comes to a journey. The nearest railway is Joginder Nagar Railway Station.

How to get there:

Shikari Devi-Bakhrot-Chindi: 18 Kms
Shikari Devi-Raigarh-Shankar Dehra: 15 Kms
Shikari-Kamrunag 16 Kms

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