Sex Games – Traveling on the Vacation

Few things embarrassed the habits and opened his suitcase to see sex toys and can be dangerous today! Find out the best ways to pack sex toys during your holidays, including storage, health and discreet content.

The simplest way to travel with sex toys is to not take them at all. If you leave the country and go through intense habits, you can leave them home and buy new games when you get to the country of your vacation.

Canadian and Mexican borders do not require a passport, but it does not mean that you will not stop at the border and your luggage has passed. If you choose to take your own country with special games, you may want to look for websites that are aimed at the laws and expectations of baggage entering the new country.

Keep in mind that elements in the dildo are likely to launch metal detectors, so you might want to consider this. The best advice to buy sex toys on vacation is that they are made of latex and do not use batteries or any mechanical – aluminum or steel parts. The Big Coxx dildo is an excellent choice and has a suction cup for gluing the shower walls. Butt plugs and anal beads are a good choice when traveling, where you have to go through metal detectors, anal beads, if they are in a protective leather case, they look like jewels, and I doubt anyone is asking for a plug as well.

I told you, let's just say that you are only traveling on vacation in the country; at airports you may have to deal with the same checks that a customs agent expects, but if you drive, you are at home.

The best packaging material for sex toys from a plastic. These are zippers for locking and flat storage. If you take an explosive device, this is the best way to avoid sand or dirt in the plastic, both breaking the plastic and causing holes

Discreet intimate games are hot topics on the market right now. The dildo or vibrator is like a lipstick but can be converted at the touch of a button. Compilations are so small that they can be carried in a purse or in a bag like a greyhound, but it is not best to bring them back to their purse, again through the flying terminal. Customs agents and security have been known to have gone through the bags and open lipsticks looking for bombs

So be careful, be discreet, leave big toys and metals at home, packing zip-loc bags for health reasons, and bon voyage !

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