Securing RV doors and drawers for travel, think like an airline

In order to avoid the unpleasant surprise of the inner roofs and drawers when traveling, think like an airline flight attendant. We flew to commercial flights, we saw the cabin crew move up the corridor before boarding each deck door to ensure they are all locked and secured. I use the same method and I think it is like a cabin crew when the doors and drawers are fixed before the motorcycle's boot

I started to light out all the areas of our motorcycle, which is the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen / living room. I leave at the far corner of the bedroom and press each door of the upper closet and all its drawer to ensure it is plugged in. Sometimes the cabinet door or drawer is closed but can not be locked and can be opened while traveling. I also ensure that the door to the closet and the door to the bathroom are safe as I go to the room. When everything in the bedroom is safe, I turn off the light as I go through the bathroom and repeat the process in each room until I get to the front of the motorcycle.

If I'm interrupting during the process, which room is light. If the light goes out, I know I've finished the room. If the light is on, I know it has not been able to finish the room and starts from the beginning. Always check that the mirror cabinet door and the glass tray door are fixed while the glass door open during travel may cause glass breakage

Containers inside cabinets and drawers should also be provided, such as non-slip materials between food and packaging content, including the contents of the refrigerator, closely to avoid movement. At first launch of RVing, we recommend that you create a checklist to ensure all areas of RV for travel while you are receiving a process that works for you. This "cabin crew" process takes only a few minutes and has worked well for many years to ensure that all doors and drawer are secured and secured for travel.

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