Save Marriage – Leave away to rescue marriage

I once heard a conversation between an older couple and a young man. The young man asked the couple that they had been married for forty years. The lady replied, "We always travel or plan."

How does it work to save a holiday to save a marriage? There is something about landscape change that gives a new life. Holiday is time to get rid of work and daily stress. This is a chance to relax, and do not think about the color of the bathroom or how great the skill is to fix the hole in the back fence. No staff or deadlines. Only a few are relaxing and enjoying each other's company. This is a wonderful time to learn the art of living in the present. Do not let anything break from the joy of coexistence. It's not time to plan your future, it's time to pamper your love, your marriage, and your companion.

How do you plan your vacation, except marriage? Planning gives us the goal. Whether you're planning a retirement or a birthday party, planning gives us something we want. Planning your vacation together will provide you and your spouse with the goal of working together. Even in those times when you are not actively planning and arguing, this goal is still dancing in your mind.

Now, we say that you and your spouse have not communicated so well yet. Maybe things are to some extent tense. How can you get together to plan a vacation when you and / or your spouse do not really feel like they are going anywhere else? Make a weekend getaway. If things are very tense, do not approach your spouse with the idea of ​​romantic escape. Just go away and become romantic. Swallow pride and take the first step towards reconciliation. You may be invited to a short holiday by email, but at least try. Provide ideas or links to places that only come to a weekend. Then start fleeing for a better marriage.

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