Rome Travel Guide

Roman Style and History:

Rome is Italy's bustling heart. A modern capital city is the word in all respects, yet immersed in history with rich art, architecture and religion to suit every traveler, traveler, academy or pilgrimage.

Over 2000 years of history has left the mark in every part of this stylish metropolis. According to tradition, Romulus founded the 7 hills in the Palatinate, where Rome was built near the River Tevere, guaranteeing that you are anywhere, never far from the fascinating view of the city.
Rome's most important song is a pair of shoes! This is not a city where you can visit the various sights by bus.

The whole place is like a huge, lively, open-air museum. Italians are friendly people who expect to be helped if they are standing at a street corner with a map in their hands and a confused look at their face. The style of the daily order, when in Rome, strong strong but not bright colors a scarf is fashionably pulled and a smart bag on his shoulders, nominal fanny packages, please disrupt the line you Gucci you know!

Avoid eating on restaurants at major places, such as restaurants at St.Mark Square, at too high a cost, with very poor food and services. Go back to some of the small cafes visited by locals and get better, cheaper meals and dine and talk to the real Romans.

Colosseum: Probably Rome's most famous sight is a huge open-air stadium with up to 50,000 Romans. Emperor Titus built AD80 games, gladiator fights and even flooded water to provide space for the famous umbilical screws.

Sistene Chapel: In the far and in the Vatican Museum, a separate day, the chapel needed a small decoration, so in 1508 Michelangelo was painted on a 10,000-square-foot false ceiling with one hand. Work has been done for more than 4 years and is considered the most beautiful artworks in the world.

Fontana di Trevi (Trevi Fountain): The huge and impressive eighth-century fountain designed by Nicola Salvi tells us that if a coin is thrown with his right hand on his left shoulder, he returns to Rome one day.

Piazza Navona: This square is a strange figure from the original arena where it is presented for horseback riding, is now a busy, fun place with stalls and canopies filled with sun and portraits and cartoon artists at night.

Pantheon: A huge temple erected by the Emperor Hadrian on AD120, until 1960, is the world's largest dome. Even the original doors are nearly 1,900 years old. Stunning and magnificent building.

Travester: It's not Rome's main tourist center, it's a fascinating area that boasts booming boutiques and small shops that offer interesting and unusual things with great nightlife and a huge Sunday market. It also houses the oldest church in Rome. The beautiful Santa Maria, the oldest part of which dates back to the 3rd century.

Villa Borghese: The largest parks in Rome are wonderful places for the city noise for a while. Wonderful trees, quiet walks, a lake where you can rent a boat and a wonderful art gallery. In July, he also holds the outdoor concerts of classical music.

There are many walking trails and they are a great way to get the town's highlights with an informed and enthusiastic guide.
Beware of more enthusiastic street traders in popular tourist destinations such as the Trevi Fountain.

Although a fairly safe city, it is best to avoid the back streets of the night and to stick to the most important highways, which are usually spectacular as the tastefully dressed prisoners walk and eat good food. It's great time for people to watch, especially when one is on the sidewalk table that there are many restaurants and cafes.

But the main emphasis of every celebration of Rome is always architecture and history, which is like the world nowhere else

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