Problems with travel baseball at age 12

Originally designed for high school and high school baseball players, summer travel teams are now able to give children up to 8 years of age. I even heard that some parts of the country offer travel t-balls. These youth championship teams travel across the country as large leaguers, so kids who are still learning to read, write and complete elementary mathematical calculations can play the toughest race for the highest prizes. It sounds like a great opportunity for kids who love baseball, right? Not really. I believe that the baseball of the trip is not verified and the problems with the travel baseball for children under 12 are far outdated.

Supporters of travel baseball argue that more games with the best races will promote athletic development. It's hard to disagree with this. Nevertheless, children under 12 are encouraged to evaluate the baseball of travel more critically. In doing so, the parents have to ask the following questions: 1) Does my son really play the best end or play the most desperate teams in over-leaping competitions? 2) Is the focus too much for winning, and not for my son's sporty, social and emotional development? 3) Is my son's travel schedule so strict that she has lost her childhood? 4) Is the pressure on the competition age competitive? 5) What kind of boys have long-term goals for baseball and how can travel baseball contribute to these goals?

While I would like to remove baseball for the trip from the 11-U youth championship landscape, I understand that travel baseball remains here. This is said to allow me to offer the following advice to parents:

• Do not let your son play at least 12 years of flying baseball. If you feel you are absolutely essential to playing baseball at the age of 12, look for a team that has 30 games with minimal travel.

• Searching for teams that focus on players' development, not winners. Gravitate coaches who understand emotional and social development. This is more important than baseball knowledge.

• Find teams that have qualified coaches or teams who hire leagues with professional coaches to consult with the team throughout the season.

• Find teams that practice during the season. Exercises during the season are critical elements of young players' sporting development, as this allows them to improve skills that were not played correctly during the games.

• Take care of the newly formed travel team. New travel groups are usually made up of those who have self-motivated reasons for creating this new team.

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