Plastic Holiday in Florida

Although I was in Florida for 37 years, I was only three times in Disney World. I have to say I do not have good memories there. The only thing I remember is long lines, crying, very expensive foods, beer and other refreshments. I remember feeling very empty, as if I did not get my money. It was like a plastic family. Nothing was real. It was a big fake vacation.

But I remember camping with my family in North Carolina. Water rafting, paddling, camping for a week, outdoor cooking, boating on a river. They control the picturesque mountains and spend real quality time with them. This was the best vacation we've ever had together. The only trouble I've ever had for dinner is that I did not take more excursions. I feel this was one of the most compelling times in our family.

I'm not saying that Disney World has no place. (though I do not know where this life may be) I know the easiest holiday that is really talking and playing with her family. I wish I'd known Florida's natural resources and campgrounds in North Central Florida, although this was not until the children grew up, I discovered the beautiful gems.

Many of these state and national parks have a rich and unique culture. Recreational areas offer different experiences with children or adults. Swimming, snorkeling, diving, hiking, canoeing, camping, cycling and picnicking are available in most parks. The parks are packed with unique wildlife such as fresh eel, manatees, trophy-sized bass, rare birds, colorful snakes, lizards and frogs. Although alligators or bears will rarely be seen in the majority of the parks, if they move away from the road, they need to know their environment and take the necessary precautions.

According to Florida travel and tourism information, 75 million people a year visit and vacation in Florida. I'm just wondering how many of these families are taking "plastic vacations" while searching for the wonderful family memories that keep them forever. I'm sure I do not know they exist. Please take time to research and find out what area you visit. Come and enjoy a real vacation with memories that last for a lifetime.

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