Plan a safe vacation

Planning a vacation may be overwhelming. There are so many important things people forget to do. First, make a list of all that you need to do, buy, call, and so on. But start this list a few months before your vacation.

First, begin planning to buy tickets before saving months and months, and make sure you buy your tickets at least a month or two before. It saves you a lot of money, trust me. Do not immerse yourself in the savings and make sure your vacation money has just saved a lot of extra money. Write a list of everything you will need for your trip, so if you go to the beach, you may need a shoe, a sunblock, a breathing apparatus, beach towels, sandals, swimsuits, a waterproof Ipod case, waterproof camera etc.

If you leave your children home, make sure you have all the information and emergency contact information available. Make sure you know the alarm code and a family member close to you. Talk to them and make sure they know exactly what to do in an emergency.

After completing the list and passing through the packaging section, do not forget the little things. First, remember the ID, maybe your passport and your money. In addition, the airports do not allow more than 3 oz of liquid to enter the plane, namely the shampoo conditioner in Cologne. The 3 oz liquid should be in a small zipper bag. Do not forget to leave your little keyring at home, the airport will take them away. Do not forget, after the first bag checked for money. One more thing I heard when you take money in a foreign country. Keep cash tips, fast food and drinks, buds, etc.

It would not be a bad idea if you let your family know where your will is, God does not dodge something, but it's safer than I'm sorry. Most importantly, do not forget your ticket.

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