Pet Vacations

If you try to try your dog in the car and go on a vacation, stop for a moment and you're ready.

Vacation with a dog can be done, but it's a little planning.

There are lots of places with your dog and you can feel really good, but first you have to start planning before you leave.

Take a look at what you'd like to do on your vacation if you leave your dog home while visiting sights, shopping, or historical sites.

But if you're on the idea of ​​your holiday, walking along the mountain paths, or jumping to the beach, your dog may be a welcome companion if you do a homework first.

In this article, I'm trying to give you some information about the places you've visited and some directions you can follow so you can search yourself.

If hiking and hiking in the middle of mountain beauty, there are some national parks that welcome some dogs with some restrictions.

Funny, noisy or irregular dogs are not allowed. Dogs need a current rabies certificate. Most of the parks require that dogs be kept on a 6 foot long leash when they are in advanced or wild areas.

When you are camping, dogs can not be tied together and left alone and have to be in a closed room, for example in a car or in a tent.

Unfortunately, dogs should not swim in advanced swimming areas, in most state and national parks.

North Cascades, WA

  • North Cascades, WA
  • North Cascades, WA
  • State or national park information in your area just upload your state and state parks online, and you can find all kinds of information.

    The National Parks Go

    Now that your backpack is a cup of tea and a dog is a viable breed (non-dressed dog), that's fun.

    However, your backpack with your dog is not the same as your backpack or your dog walking. There are many things to keep in mind. First, the dog needs an excursion to the veterinarian to make sure after careful examination that his bones and joints are healthy enough to carry a long hike and carry his own backpack.

    Once you've got your way to the vet, you have to take some short hikes for hiking.

    This means wearing a partially loaded backpack while walking your dog on a leash and then trying out your dog carrying a partially loaded backpack.

    For a relatively long time the dog can carry 25 percent of the body weight.

    Many dog ​​backpackers can also be interested.

    They are: Dog Scouting (, K9 Trailblazers (, these are just two, but go to the internet and look for others.

    Security is of paramount importance, be sure of your security and privacy being kept in mind. Take a first set for you and your pet. Keep in mind that your pet does not wear shoes, so keep your eyes on the painful or damaged pillows.

    If you and your dog have the idea of ​​summer fun one day on the beach, here are some places to keep in mind: Cape San Blas, FL – 35 miles south of Panama City, FL

  • Dog Beach, CA near San Diego – the dog's paradise
  • St. George Island, Fl lots of room for man and dog
  • Carmel City Beach, CA A short walk from town of Carmel
  • Hunting Island, SC is a state park near Beaufort, SC
  • Located between Grayton Beach State Park and

    Seaside, FL. 400 acres oceanfront park

  • Jekyll Island, Ga on the Georgian Coast – Loving Dogs and


  • Ft. Fisher State Park, NC, Wilmington, NC
  • First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach, VA in Chesapeake Bay

  • State Park Guadalupe River, Spring Branch, Texas

    It's just a few of the fun places where you and your pet are on vacation.

    The most important thing to remember to obey the rules of the park and purify yourself and your pet .

    Most parks need some kind of evidence that their pet is on shooting the current rabies and that they bring pores.

    Take care to protect your pet and yourself from sun and heat.

    To find out more about your favorite places, go to . This is a great place to have tons of great information on your vacation "where to go

    If you are a crawler and you are thinking of vacation plans, is not and I repeat not to think about your cat." Kitty told me you can do it

    Cats do not work well and generally like the familiar environment

    We'll be happy to have a friend's neighbor or a family member visit every day to take all their needs into consideration

    Letting a knit pet is another excellent trip if there is a kitten or a dog that does not travel well

    Whatever you do and where to look, obey the rules and have fun.

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