Panama Canal Weather – The best and worst months to go

The Panama Canal is a decisive factor in deciding when to make a cruise through this popular Mid-American destination.

The main reason for a word – rain.

The Panama Canal cruise ship is usually operated by ports on both the west and east coasts of the United States.

Anyone from an eastern port, such as Miami or Fort Lauderdale, usually visits one or two destinations in the Caribbean before entering the Colon Canal and passing through Panama City and then departing from Central America, Mexico and the US to the end of the trip to places such as San Diego before returning home.

People leaving the west coast of the United States will simply do the opposite, though they are more likely to visit the west coast of Mexico and Central America than anything else in the Caribbean. Panama has a wide selection but shows varying amounts of rainfall, although it is slightly smaller than in South Carolina.

Historically, in Panama City, in January and April, rainfall is averaging rainfall on average between one and three inches per month, the World Weather Organization

Rain in August averages an average of nine inches in August.

In September, it is over 10 inches in October and 13 inches in October before falling to November 10 inches. ] The Caribbean coast of the country is far less predictable than the December 22 in Bocas Del Torro, the same month when Panama City averaged just four inches

. ] January, March and May are on average less rain than in other months.

For these reasons, the typical Panama Canal cruise only occurs in certain months of the year, such as March.

Temperatures are much more predictable

Panama City average in the mid 90s Fahrenheit during the day

Average lows are in the middle and upper sixties

] The east coast is somewhat cooler, the average is high in the mid 90s, and the average waves move about 70 degrees.

The Panama Canal cruising season is generally from October to April.

But the best months in December and later. October or November cruises are more likely to rain in rainy rains.

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