Packing for Sanibel Vacation

So you're going to vacation on Sanibel Island, Florida! Congratulations! It will be a fun and relaxing holiday with many happy memories. But first you have to pack up all your stuff to get ready to go tomorrow.

Probably in a resort, house or condominium that will be bigger than a regular hotel room. Most of these units have a small kitchen for your use. So let's start eating and snacking, and what to get in the meals and drinks.

I like to have snacks and drinks with me so I do not have to go to the store. Nothing says more than on vacation when you have to go to the store. So I pack a box with breakfast items like Pop-Tarts and Rice Krispie Treats! I also bring the small individually packed snacks crumble over the course of the week. Examples: potato-lace, cakes, peanuts, etc. I love the individually packed food because it makes it easier to insert snacks into the beach bag. South Florida is well-known because it loves little black ants. Locking food (we recommend zippered bags) prevents appetite suppression after an ant invasion!

I also bring lots of water, juice and diet drinks. Place your drinks in the refrigerator as soon as you arrive and you will be in the week.

Then you have to think about what to do at the beach! You should remember your favorite chair, loungers, umbrellas, sandblasters and strawberries. Most hotels, homes and resorts have chairs (some do not, so check in advance). So many are not comfortable, so I prefer to bring my own chair. Keep in mind that the beach bag should be worn with any material such as beach towel, razor, sunscreen, water spray, sunglasses, envelopes and books or magazines.

one week on Sanibel Island? The best thing to remember is that the temperature will be comfortable for most of the year, so heavy clothes are not needed. It can be hot in summer, so it's cool cotton. Shorts and shorts. Shorts and tops are suitable for every restaurant. The restaurants are both casual (but not cut, flip-flop or t-shirt for beautiful places). Leave your suit, tie and clothes at home. You will probably wear the suit most days. And I went to a lot of restaurants where I was wearing a suit for lunch (but not having dinner). It is a resort-centered atmosphere on the island. Be comfortable and enjoy your vacation!

I bring a shiny coat when it falls. This will help keep the drought as it reaches the car. In the summer months prepare for monsoon rains in the afternoon and early evening hours. Storms usually do not last long, but come in disgusting times when it comes to going to dinner. Hold a beach or towel in the car to get dry after the crazy hyphen. Do not forget the umbrella!

Sandals and anti-slip are the norm of the sun. If you intend to rent bicycles at Sanibel, I suggest you get a sport for this activity. The athletic shoes tend to be dirty and greasy, so they might have an older pair. If they get caught in the rain, a dry sweater will be returned to your resort. Will be good!

Most importantly, do not forget the camera. You want to catch all that good memories of your guest book.

I hope this list of ideas will help you pack your vacation to Sanibel Island, Florida. This is a little paradise, and I hope you have a wonderful time!

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