Overview of Pro Travel Plus – Do you really succeed in selling your trip?

An Unbiased Pro Travel Plus Review – Join?

So it's another network marketing company during the launch that gets something humming. The company is called Pro Travel Plus and if this article stumbled, it is likely to do some research at the company before joining the distributor. If that is the case, do not look any further. In this Pro Travel Plus Review, you'll find all the essential details before you start. I'm also going to the actual damages plan, so you get a great idea of ​​how to pay. Before I move on, I want to distinguish myself from being a Pro Travel Plus distributor and not using the services. I'm telling you to know that you really do not make a difference to me if you join or not, so you can be sure it will be an unbiased Pro Travel Plus Review.

Who is Pro Travel Plus?

Unfortunately, there is not much information about the actual company. I screwed up the internet and I really could not find out who you are the actual owner of the company team. I could not tell where the company was. The only thing that has been discovered after watching videos on YouTube is that a Seth Fraser is a renowned gentleman, the CEO of the company. Seth Fraser seems to have been around the industry for some time now. He added that this was a free thing and he recently joined Kannaway. Pro Travel Plus delivers the benefits to members for travel. Members also have access to a $ 500 voucher that can be used for flights, hotels and car rentals. Again, since there is not much information available since writing, and since the portal is not live yet, there are not many details on the travel portal I found. The good news is that the company is located in the travel industry. The trip is a $ 8 billion industry, and is expected to exceed $ 15 trillion over the next 10 years. From a marketing point of view, it is easy to talk and sell a trip because almost everyone is traveling or want to travel more. We can say that it is very important to know that the principals are behind the company if they want to plant the flag and establish a long-term business.

How do you get paid?

I did not find an official compensation plan, so I saw through multiple distributors videos how Pro Travel Plus pays to its distributors. There are 3 different ways to get started: 1 star ($ 69.95, $ 34.95 / month), 2 stars ($ 269.90) and 3 stars ($ 469.90). You can even start with 1 star and help 2 stars and 3 stars to build a team of active distributors.

There are 5 different ways of payment:

Powerline Bonus – As people connect to the company, they are timely stamped and the company can track who joined the company. Distributors are located along a straight line and people are starting to search for 5% below 5 levels, regardless of who registers them.

Quick Start Bonus – You can earn a single bonus when people join the personal tree. As people join the 3-star level ($ 469.90), you're looking for $ 30 on your first level, $ 5 on your second level, and $ 3 on your third level. If people join the 2-star level ($ 269.90), they will get $ 25 and $ 5 on the second level first level. And if people join the 1-star level ($ 69.95), they will get $ 15 a person from any personally sponsored person.

Coded Infinity Quick Launch Overrides – If you reach 3 stars, you can use the 3 Generations of 3 Star Leaders to search for each person between $ 1 and $ 2.

Remaining Revenue for 2X14 Matrix – The company has a matrix that has only 2 positions on the first level and has to place the others in each position after the 2 most important positions are filled. Placement is critical in the Matrix Compensation Plan, because if you join early, there are potentially hundreds of distributors you did not bring in. The fully completed 2X14 Matrix will pay more than $ 25,000 if everyone is active in their matrix.

Appropriate Bonus – Based on your rank, you can search for 2-15% of the Matrix Award, which people in the personal enrollment tree reach below 6 levels. You will earn 50% of each person.

The compensation plan seems fairly lucrative. Again, if you are serious about taking long-term business, take your hands off official compensation plans so you can see what you need to do to earn income.

If you join?

Well … you can only really answer that. If your trip is yours, and you like the idea of ​​joining a start-up company, Pro Travel Plus might be for you. Statistically, the start-ups of the network marketing industry never do so in the past 5 years. Of course, some companies assume that they have a strong and experienced leadership role in the company. Since it was initially launched, no one knows who is behind Pro Travel Plus, so it is difficult to say whether they are going to be long-term. One thing is clear … if you decide to partner with Pro Travel Plus then you will need pipelines to build business. Without the leads you can have the greatest opportunity in the world, but if you have no leadership you are talking to, you have little or no chance of success. That is why I would suggest you learn attractive marketing. If you can take advantage of technology and learn how to make online deliveries and implement the construction system with which the top management is in place, you will not tell how rich you are.

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