Overview of Hilton Grand Vacations Club (HGVC) The time division point system

The Hilton Grand Vacations Company, LLC (HGVC) is a Point-based holiday property and exchange system, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hilton Worldwide, previously known as Hilton Hotels Corp. HGVC management services for Club and Affiliate Resorts. On the day of publication there are 50 HGVC affiliated resorts worldwide!

Hilton Worldwide was purchased in July 2007 by Blackstone Group LP (stock ticker symbol BX) for $ 26 billion. Blackstone includes many other well-known companies including Universal Studios Parks, Legoland, Madame Tussauds, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing, Allied Waste, Pinnacle Foods and even the Weather Channel.

1919 Conrad Hilton went to Texas to take advantage of the oil blast. When he arrived, he found local hotels overcrowded that he could not afford a room! A hotel owner told him he wanted to sell. Within a week, Conrad set up an investment group and bought the Mobley Hotel in Cisco, Texas. Business continued to boom, and Conrad later bought two Texas real estate, the Melba Hotel in Fort Worth, and a hotel in Dallas after the famous Waldorf. Thirty years later, Conrad came in full when he bought the lease at the actual Waldorf Astoria. Conrad's ambition and business know-how created the empire of wealth that is so huge that his second wife, Zsa Zsa Gábor and grand grandson The Paris Hilton did not burst into the family estate! Today, this behemoth brand owns, manages and franchises thousands of hotels and Hilton's name is still one of the best known in the world.

Timeshore resorts:

HGVC destinations offer both advanced and affiliated resorts. Most people do not notice, but only a few time-sharing resorts have been built and developed under the Hilton brand name. Most of the Hilton Grand Vacation Club is actually a social resort. These resorts have been developed by other companies and later have a membership contract to participate in the club. HGVC controls many affiliated resorts, but not all of them. Regardless of the original developer, you can rest assured that all holiday resorts meet the high quality and prestigious luxury of the Hilton brand and receive many awards, such as RCI's favorite Gold Crown rating!

Affiliation and reciprocal usage agreements are always subject to future change but when writing the article on HGVC vacation destinations are:

Carlsbad, California: • Grand Pacific Marbrisa • Grand Pacific Palisades • Carlsbad SeaPointe Resort [19659002] Palm Desert, California: • Club Intrawest Palm Desert

Breckenridge, Colorado: • Valdoro Mountain Lodge

Orlando, Florida: • HGV Club at SeaWorld International Center • HGV Club on International Drive • Parc Soleil at Hilton Grand Vacations

Miami Beach, Florida: South Beach

Stuart, Florida: • Plantation Beach Club at Indian River Plantation Resort

Captiva Island, Florida: • South Coast Vacation Seas Island Resort • Harbourview Villas at South Seas Island Resort • Plantation Bay Villas at South Seas Island Resort • Plantation Beach Club at South Seas Island Resort • Plantation House in South Seas Island Resort • South Seas Club at the South Seas Island Resort

Fort Myers, Florida: • SeaWatch at the Seaside Resort

Marco Island, Florida: • Marco Beach charter club • Marco Island Breakfast Area • Eagle Nest Beach Resort • Sunset Cove Resort • Marco Surf Club

Sanibel Island, Florida: • Casa Ybel Resort • Hurricane House Resort • Sanibel Cottages Resort • Shell Island Beach Club Resort • Tortuga Beach Club Resort

Sandestin, Florida: • Club Intrawest Sandestin

Hawaii Island, Hawaii: • Grand Waikikian • Hilton Hawaiian Village – Kalia Tower • Hilton Hawaiian Village – Lagoon Tower

Hawaii Great Island, Hawaii: • HGV Club at Waikoloa Beach Resort • King's Hilton Grand Vac • Bay Club at Waikoloa Beach Resort

Las Vegas, Nevada: • HGVC in Flamingo • Hilton Grand Vacations Club in Las Vegas • HGVC in Las Vegas Strip

New York City, New York: • Club Intrawest Whistler

Quebec, Canada: • Club Intrawest Tremblant

Cancún, Mexico: • Fiesta Americana Villas Cancun

Acapulco, • Fiesta Americana Villas Acapulco

Los Cabos, Mexico: • Fiesta Americana Villas Los Cabos

Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico: • The Explorean Kohunlich

Zihuatanejo, Mexico: • Club Intrawest Zihuatanejo

Hilton Vilamoura Vacation Club

Coylumbridge, Scotland: • Hilton Coylumbridge

Craigendarroch, Scotland: • Hilton Craigendarroch

Dunkeld, Scotland: • Hilton Dunkeld

Introduction to Ownership, System Requirements and Strategic Use

the first rule of law is that ownership rights can never be regarded as a financial investment in real estate. Properties of timeshare properties are usually not appreciated over time. Often, the only true measure of the right to use timeshare is the photos and memories of real estate use and enjoyment, as well as incredible vacations.

Never impulse shopping for any type or vacation property program! Also take time into the secondary or resale market. Buying a timeshare property right from a current owner who is no longer using his property may be thousands of on the purchase price. Some benefits may not be transmitted through the resale market, so you should carefully compare the positive and negative considerations before buying. Finally, experienced and recognized agent procurement is the safest way to provide all the information you need to ensure timeshare.

Okay, now, the Hilton Grand Vacations Club system …

The Club is actually just a point-based booking system. Club members receive points based on the type and season of the villa (or in some cases maintained) at their home resort. As with any point system, proper design can greatly increase its use and satisfaction. It is important to understand the various types of ownership available, the benefits of ownership, the basic rules of the system, and the strategies that current owners take to maximize their use and enjoyment

Owner Types:

this system, HGVC developed resorts and the distinction between HGVC social resorts is important. Ownership and usage rules may be quite different depending on which home resort you have. For example, the affiliated resorts in the southwestern region of Florida were originally set as a time offer for a week. In case of a fixed and eventhare property right, the home week will automatically be automatically maintained annually unless the owner deletes the reservation. Most of the HGVC's developed and built resorts are sold as variable weekly times. The underlying property is always based on a home resort. As a result, your usage strategies are slightly different from your home resort.

Action may change from the resort itself. Some property documents point to a particular week and unit, even if they are only used for inventory purposes. HGVC is an example for Seaworld. For other ownership items, there are no associated weeks or units, but the type of usage of a given villa. HGVC uses this second type process on the international drive. Finally, taking into account international affiliates operating in Mexico, Fiesta Americana in Mexico, these properties will not be used as a right of use for leasing leases with a specific expiration date when usage ends.

It is very important to understand that the Elite Status designation can not come from a resale purchase and that not all affiliated resorts allow membership rights to be transferred to the resale market. For example, Carlsbad's subsidiaries do not authorize the transfer of a HGVC point to a customer, but Fiesta Americana contracts allow the use of pontoon use. Another distinction is that some affiliates require $ 399. the conversion fee must be paid to Hilton after registration of the transfer document so that the new owner can enter the club and be able to convert to the Club points for the week. If you are not sure what type of ownership you are in a particular resort, consulting a seasoned real estate agent or an affiliate is something you must do before you buy it! Contact us for any questions you may have.


This is another area that can often be annoying to newborns! Usually there are four main season names that HGVC uses: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. The weeks in the seasons are different depending on the resort. In some places there are four seasons, while others can only be divided into two or three seasons. The real confusion begins with some members. Some association sites were originally sold with different seasonal marks than Hilton. Some of these resorts may have a floating season that deals with weeks that are in different HGVC seasonal appointments. It is possible for an owner to be able to maintain part of the platinum and the golden season for a week. For these proprietary rights, the amount of Club Points that the owner receives may actually change annually, depending on which one is in the reserved week. The good news is that this example is the exception rather than the rule

The Club Point values ​​for weeks, seasons and unit sizes are found in each Club Resort in the published guide http: // www.hiltongrandvacations.com/ mg / . Most resellers generally focus on Hilton's built-in features to avoid confusion and ensure they receive an equal number of club points a year.

Exchange Options:

There are various ways to share a shareholder week with another holiday resort. The simplest way to simply use Club Points at another club membership is to use it easily. Outside the Club you need to use a third-party exchange system such as RCI, Interval International or a smaller system like SFX Resorts. Your home resort will determine which replacement tool you can access as owner.


Maintenance fees are determined annually based on the total operating budget of the residence. Fees can vary greatly from resorts to resorts, and these ratings vary from year to year. Maintenance fees will increase over the years. Always consider maintenance fees before making a purchase decision and compare fees across multiple resorts as part of your research. In some cases, the annual fee is actually much more important than the negotiated purchase price!

Typically, the type and size of the unit determines the amount of the basic maintenance fee, not the allocation of the item. One-bedroom villa in the platinum season will appreciate the same basic maintenance fee as a bedroom in the silver season. Only real estate tax is likely to change over the season, so tax estimate makes a slight difference between a one-bedroom platinum and one-bedroom silver. It's often a good buyer's strategy to buy a 1-bedroom platinum season instead of buying a 2-bedroom lower season, even if 1br has a higher purchase price! Your agency can help you compare different scenarios to determine which property is best suited to your needs and budgets.

There may be some differences in charging fees from resorts. A good example of this is owned by the Waikoloa Bay Club. In order for a Bay Club owner to lease points for a future year of use, the estimated amount of maintenance fees for next year must be paid in advance (any deviation from the estimate is payable or credited when the fee is actually billed). International owners of Craigendarroch can not pay in advance so they can not borrow from a future allocation. Holders of SeaWorld HGVC will be able to pick next year's points without next year's fees without paying the equivalent annual fees until their account is valid at the time of booking.

Club fees must also be paid annually. Most members of the resort in the United States and Canada are currently at $ 99. while members outside the United States or Canada are currently $ 139. (Western 57th owners are $ 197 and $ 232). Members who have an American resort and an international resort will be required to pay a club fee for each account as these two systems may not be linked to a single billing account. This is very rare and appears to be a system failure, not intentional.

Finally, point systems are also subject to ancillary charges that may arise for various services and transactions, such as club reservation, point rescue, changeable option bookings, guest certificates, and deposits in the RCI exchange system. It is a good idea to ask for holiday rates, such as parking fees and tourist taxes, before confirming your booking. If you do not arrive before your arrival, parking fees between New York and South Beach destinations may be quite surprising


Hilton Grand Vacations Club has five booking types. a full seven-year stay in the exact unit type and season owner of the home resort. Reservations can be from nine months up to one year on the day of check-in. The daily check-in depends on the resorts. As owners have a longer stay at their home resort, it is often worth buying the resort you think is the most commonly used unit and season that best suits your future plans. Weekly reservations have the greatest potential to achieve availability, in addition to fixed and event ownership rights.

Home Resort Reservations are currently only available to New York West 57th by Hilton Club Resort owners. There is no minimum stay requirement for reservations, but the booking must be made at 57th West Holiday Resort. These bookings can be made from 45 days to nine months before the checkout date

Club bookings are available at most resorts up to nine months before the requested date of departure. Club fees must be maintained for at least three days. In most resorts, for this period (for example, when booking for West 57th New York City, you can only use the Club Reservations for 44 days prior to Check-out date), and all points will have an equal chance to make a reservation. You can book any type of villa and every season only the limited number of points that you own!

Summer season reservations can be made at most resorts (West 57th Excluded) up to 30 days of your check out time and require only a minimum stay of 2 days. These reservations are paid in cash, but at a discounted rate! Currently the 1st. Opening Hours are $ 80 / Night at Sun-Thurs and $ 100 / Night for Friday-Daily Bookings.

Hilton Honors are booked through Hilton Honors. All HGVC members have Silver VIP rights in the Hilton Honors program. Owners decide to pay their Ownership Week in the Honors program in exchange for the Honors points that they can use for different services and accommodation options to affiliated Hilton brands. These deposits shall be submitted no later than 31 December of the year preceding the receipt of the points. (In other words, points for the 2010 use year must be deposited before 31 December 2009). During a time spent on a land use, the duration of a stay is not a generally recommended strategy, but some owners find that this split is favorable.


Please review the members' guide for the latest scoreboards and season tickets.

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