No flights to and from the airport

With the fast approaching holidays and crowded airports, keeping a few things in mind, holiday travel is easier and easier for airport officials.

What a simple way to spread the festive cheer!

Here's a list of things to do and you do not want to ease your way in this stressful time.

Things To Remember

o Call the airline's customer service before heading to the airport and check the flight schedule. Sometimes flights are delayed or canceled. The call can save a lot of unexpected trouble in advance. The number of airlines is easy to find on the website.

o The flight must reach the airport at least 1-2 hours before the flight starts.

o DO complete all travel-related documents and make sure they are correctly placed in your luggage before leaving your home. These documents are accompanying air tickets, boarding passes, valid photo passports and passports issued by the government. The absence of valid identification will certainly result in further screening.

o Do not confuse banned items. The airline website can learn about details of prohibited items.

o Do not place any packaged gift in the checked or portable luggage.

o Do not place valuables, cash or medicines in your checked baggage. All these items must be kept in durable luggage.

At the airport

o Never leave the vehicle in front of the terminal. In case you leave the car, park in a shooting park. An unattended vehicle is towed and recorded. Better save yourself from later headaches!

o Do not give food or drink through the safety checkpoint. After the checkpoint, drinks and food are taken over and can be transported to the aircraft.

o Remove all metal batches and insert them into the carry-on bag before reaching the safety checkpoint. These items are made of jewelery, mobile phones, loose changes, belt buckles, pagers, keys, etc.

agents. O Check that you have a boarding card and valid identification before accessing the safety checkpoint. Security personnel are absolutely required to reach the safety checkpoint.

o Do not place any sophisticated movie on your checked baggage. This is because sometimes you use security equipment that is used to scan downloaded packets at the airport, which can damage undeveloped movies. You can place your movie on a portable bag or ask for a manual check. X-ray machines used to filter portable luggage at the safety checkpoint do not damage the films.

These airplane travel tips provide you with a pleasant and quick trip to any airport. Have a nice trip!

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