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.com, .net, .org, .biz, .edu, .info, .int, .gov, .mobi, .aero. For many unsuspecting web surfers, these points are no bigger than expanding the sites you visit. They do not realize that these three letters, which come after a while or after a while, have a great function in the internet webbed world.

The last part of the top-level domain or the Internet domain name is a virtual, invisible fence for the immense huge Internet site. Classification and stratification are indicated. Top-level domains tell you which site to visit. .com refers to commercial websites that are open to everyone and can register .biz for business. .edu is for educational institutions (mainly for schools, colleges and universities) and .gov for government agencies and organizations. Each top-level domain corresponds to a certain association or classification on the internet to seemingly impossible organizing portals.

One of the most recent part of the list of approved top-level domains is. travel domain. In May 2005, the top-level domain of the travel industry was created when the company called Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) approved Tralliance's proposed contract to run a top-level domain administration for the thriving travel industry. Tralliance is a company that develops products and services that promote the efficiency and convenience of e-commerce for the global travel and tourism industry. His headquarters are in New York.

In January 2006, the .travel registry was officially launched. Tralliance creates two persistent policies for a .travel domain in the registry. First, the top level domain of .travel can only be submitted to applicants whose entitlements are indisputable as certified by independent third parties, which include travel companies. The applicant's entitlement will be verified and evaluated based on the data provided by Traliiance and updated annually. Another, the Travel Partnership Corporation, has imposed certain restrictions on the selection of domain names that applicants may use. These general policies have been designed to make sure that top level domain .travel administration is only due to industry identity and brand elevation or confirmation, as well as test privileges.

Tralliance's vision of .travel is the top-level domain is an online community for travel and tourism * based on equity and policies. Tralliance plans to expand and expand this community by recruiting members of the Travel Partnership Partnership. Tralliance seeks and promises to implement a wide range of programs that will be implemented through the online travel and tourism community.

Tralliance is too young at the .travel top-level administration. coordinated, systematic online travel and tourism community

According to Tralliance's latest reports, there are currently 140 tour operators joining the Travel Partnership Co-operation. These travel associations come from nine industries and 73 countries. In addition, more than 60 tour operators are actively involved in Tralliance's certification program for the .travel register. These 60 tour operators are happy to carry out evaluations, verifications and recommendations to allow applicants. Candidates have also reported that they are comfortable with this authentication scheme because it helps them easily establish their credentials.

Tralliance has established a good relationship with the United States and Canada. The United States Department of Commerce worked with the .travel register. This step was made in honor of the National Tourism Week, focusing on challenging states, cities and tourism organizations across the Americas to protect their tourism assets by registering .travel internet domain names. The United States Chamber of Commerce also opened the dialogue with Tralliance for each chamber of nationalities. In Canada, the Tourism Committee has taken the step of creating a new model for target marketing. We are doing this by registering hundreds of domain names, cities and other frequently visited destinations by registering .domain names.

The tourism ministry of India, Eurokambre (Association of Chambers of Commerce of Europe) and about a hundred tour leaders from the Middle East and Africa have also begun their initiatives with the issuance of travel and tourism sectors through .travel registration.

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