Loose a bag and get compensation

The US Department of Transportation states that 99.5 percent of the time reached the same destination as the passenger from the 2 million bags checked at the airport. A 5 percent probability that the bag behaves badly, as if it did not arrive in time, would be pierced or damaged. If you look at it, 5 percent can not be so big in the store, but when you place a number like 10,000 bags each time, much.

Ministry of Transport said that the chances of getting her bag back in 24 hours, 80 percent, and up to five days 99 percent. It is appropriate that one percent of the packages are not found at all. Every year there is approx. Approximately 36,500 will not be around. Although the Ministry of Transport does not see the number significant, the people who have lost something certainly do.

Late check of bags is usually the reason they can lose their luggage. Despite the fact that there is a connecting flight on the same airline, there is still a chance of losing baggage. At the airport the bags can be labeled fake by a person, so the bag is missing. Bags are sometimes stolen. The lost baggage statement must be submitted at the same time if the bag can not be made. The bag will appear in 24 hours.

These aids are the rules they need to follow. What we can do is to determine if we are seeking compensation. Lost luggage has a 90-day period before it means too much. Subsequently, passengers may be allowed to fly up to $ 1250 for domestic flights. There is a $ 640 baggage allowance for passengers who started an international flight.

For portable bags, airlines cost $ 2,500. Compensation does not include loss of equipment such as cameras or jewelery. Devaluation of objects inside the suitcase is where the figure comes from. Getting the airline faster would be faster if you got the things you bought, but in reality we can hardly keep the revenue. Only 60 days or more, we can still see the compensation for the airlines.

What can you do if you travel with valuable things is baggage insurance. Review before the homeowner's insurance policy before you get a new one. Some policies may have something to do with stealing the promise, which can cover small amounts.

The safest bet is to get help from an insurance agent to know all the details of the insurance policy. Sometimes there is a need for more constraints to incorporate electronics, such as laptops into the policy. It is important for the insurance to cover the products you buy while away.

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