Letter on the Move – How to Travel a Letter

Over 700 million mails are organized and delivered by the Post Office on each delivery day. But how do the pieces get from point A to point B? Follow the quick and angry travels of your mail.

Places the mailbox in envelopes and fills the address. After the letter is placed in a collection box, the postal service provider removes the mail from the box and goes to the neighboring post office. From this letter and other postal items collected by other carriers of this post will gather in the post office and be placed on a lorry and delivered to a postal processing plant.

In the processing plant, the letter is sent through a machine that quickly separates the shape of the letter, separating the letters from the large envelopes and packets called a culling operation. The machine sets the letters so that all the titles are the same and right side up. The postmark is then the date and place where the letter was sorted. The postal stamp cancellation line must also be used so that the stamp can not be used again to protect postal revenue.

Each character is identified by a code that consists of fluorescent bands printed on the back. The optical character reader searches for the address at the beginning of each letter. Pictures of letters that are not successfully read will be forwarded to a remote coding center for further processing. All the letters are placed in trays and moved to the next automation of the barcode application.

Connected with the ID code, we are scrambling at the beginning of the letter. The barcode, which represents the given delivery address, consists of high and short tracks that are used for further sorting. The barcode sends a specific postal mail to a binai of the machine for a domain containing a postcode identifying the next processing plant.

A tray containing a postal code for that postal code is sent to the airport to fly across the country. After the machine reaches the destination, postal workers will deliver the tray and its contents to the mail processing plant at the post office, station or branch.

Mailboxes in the taskbar feed through a barcoder organizer that separates the letters to a particular postal code from the other letters in that zip code range. The letter will then receive the final settlement. The delivery bar code order sorts the letter for a particular carrier who hand over the letter. The bar code sequence also ensures that the carrier's bets are in the order of delivery.

Subsequently, the carrier's e-mails are shipped with a truck to the post office, station or branch where the carrier operates. The carrier places postal trays, including the letter, in a car. After the vehicle is loaded, the carrier drives the street where the letter is delivered and loads its bag into a mail to this house or business. Within a few minutes of leaving the truck, the carrier sends the letter to the recipient

Since the letters are the largest volume of postal mail, postal service continued to introduce new equipment and technologies to speed up leaf processing. In addition to the letters, it also initiated the automation of catalogs, magazines and other oversized envelopes. He called attention to accelerating the processing of parcels. Its most recent goal is to provide its customers with more information about each postal via the system. The goal is to use an intelligent mail system by 2009, which acts as a global positioning system via e-mail, using standardized barcodes for all mail and mail containers, enabling customers to have each step in their mail

the United States post office or corporate mailbox, the most important is the smooth delivery of e-mail. The US Postal Service is a good example of innovation and mailbox organization using the right equipment. Regardless of how many letters can be processed, it is important to be able to handle the correct fonts and packages. For example, mailboxes must be provided with several reliable, secure box cutter. It is understood that any mail or shipping and receiving departments must have a variety of security knives.

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