Keep your haircut or hair extension for your vacation

Hair loss on vacation …

Snow finally dissolved and summer breaks. Regardless of whether you are heading south to Florida, cruising to a Caribbean or abroad, fabulous hair is the necessary part for your bikini-covered body. After a month of work, perfect body, why bother your look with a baseball cap, a scarf, or even worse – scrunggie! (yikes!)

The south coasts will be super hot and humid this year. You can count on 90 ° C, only humid; this will be the killer for calm hair styles. The best way to get this treatment is to get a sew-in hair. Maintenance is surprisingly low after cleansing and wiping dry hair, only wavy. If you want to look for a dancing evening elegantly when hair drying is done, you can straighten it with flat ironing or use a flexible spiral look. You know what you think … after you've saved so much money on traveling – Who's got your money? for a sewing weave? Answer: You can order the Ultimate Hair Weave Guide from Amazon to get detailed instructions on how to properly install and maintain your own hair tissue. It's a lifesaver. This process was carried out abroad last year and I was in my only group who seemed so fantastic on the way to Europe as I was on the way home. After four days of the 10 day tour, everybody else had baseball caps and scarves. And let's face it with the fact that a baseball cap can not be more sophisticated.

See the following tips to help maintain the style of your holiday hair:

1. Moisten your hair before swimming. The best way to protect your hair from discoloration and brine and chlorine drying damage is to fill your hair with water and add an air conditioning layer before entering the water. The hair can only absorb enough water, so it is best to do chlorine or salt water.

2. Clean your hair right after you bleed. It can not simply drain unnecessary water from his hair after swimming. Both salt and chlorine can absorb the hair of essential lubricants. Make sure that the hair is washed with conditioner shampoo or sometimes skip the shampoo and wash together (cleaning only with conditioner) to prevent hair drying. I love Mixed Chicks when I'm not a "mixed girl", it is likely that my hair in my head is really "mixed".

3. Drying instead of air drying. Frequent blowing can be very hard on the hair.

4. Sleeping in a silk / satin scarf This prevents fracture and makes styling easier the next morning.

Bon voyage!

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