Journey to the Caribbean on your own sailboat

This is exactly what we did between 1994 and 2002 … This was our time of life.

It's a big thing you say … Until 1990, we've never been to a sailboat … My only boating experience … except for many cruises we enjoyed … a fishing trip from a sport fishing boat from Galveston, Texas.

Because my friends and I went on a trip were a Marine … It was a miracle that I sailed a sailing ship in 1990. I'm so glad we did it.

Our gliding adventure took off at Charlotte Amalie, US Virgin Islands … On board a cruise ship was a boarding trip, where six people from the cruise ship spent four hours on a 36-foot sailboat.

From this humble beginning I realized that a sailboat was nothing but a floating RV. Fully independent, eating, sleeping, and resting.

If you're on a cruise, if you're like me, you're dreaming about life on the islands … The Caribbean is so restrained and less stressful.

You never realized that if you have your own sailing boat, you can easily visit any island you choose, both cheap and safe.

Now I'm referring to the islands between the Virgin Islands and Trinidad, which are between the Windward and the Leewards … Containing St .. Lucia Antigua Martinique Saint Louis Maarten Grenada … Also some 50 other islands.

If you look at the map of the islands, you will find that none of them is more than 100 miles away … By virtue of the proximity of one island to another, sailing can be very well done if you are patient and waiting in good sea conditions.

Sailing cruiser is a very sick man.

It is expected that you will be sailing 24 to 24 miles at sailing.

If you try to fly between these islands, you find that the price of an inter-flight ticket is extremely expensive.

Travel with sailboat not only provides great flexibility, anchoring is free.

We've been sailing the Caribbean for eight years on our own sailing boat and it was almost a vicious pleasure to be anchored at a five-star resort that costs more than $ 500 a night.

During the day we go to the beach, enjoy the hospitals in the resort, and present the tales of glittering adventures … We knew they would be comming next week. The schedule was very flexible.

If you think the Caribbean trip to your own sailing is difficult … You would be completely wrong.

From the sailing experience to life on a full-time ship, much less maritime knowledge is needed than you would think … You learn how to go and get help from other sailors who enjoy this wonderful lifestyle.

Think about living on your Caribbean sailing ship … No problem Mon.

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