Journey to Chicago – Tour The Must See Sites is still a local Chicago visit!

Chicago's appeal is completely understandable. Nearby is a

between the maize fields and the Michigan lake, this fast-paced

an action-packed city full of excitement. Winter is cold, but the summers

is hot and fun. In Chicago, you have to do more than just someone

in full life.

But for travelers who are interested in visiting Chicago's favorite locations

Residents eyes, please read on.

Signing Room in Hancock Tower – Top of the Hancock Tower

One of Chicago's most amazing views. The Sears Tower can be

may be higher, but Hancock is closer to the lake and offers views of the Sears Tower

yourself. Pull out the observation deck and place the Signature Room. you

can run into local Chicago where prices are fairly reasonable.

Beverages are similar in price to other lounges, so a night cap is always fun,

but dinner will come back fairly. The restaurant is actually on one floor

the auditorium, so you can enjoy the wonderful view while eating and drinking.

Location: Michigan Ave

Chicago Blues and Jazz – Chicago has long been known at home

among the world's best blues and jazz musicians. This fact has become apparent

non-music lovers of the 70s and 80s with classic movies like Blues Brothers

and Adventure in Babysitting. For a music fan, a Chicago trip is incomplete

without having a good blues or jazz experience. There are many versions of blues

clubs in the South Side and jazz clubs such as the Green Mill at Uptown,

which is said to have been celebrated by Al Capone and other Chicago celebrities. But if

is in the city, look at the Chicago Blues Fest early June. Another summer

music festivals include the Chicago Jazz Festival, the Chicago Gospel Music Festival and

more. Location: Green Mill is located on 4802 N. Broadway Ave.

Tru Restaurant – Charlie Trotter's restaurant named after him

in the United States and the world as the best place for multipurpose

tasting menu. But locals know that the well-known and emerging restaurants beat

Tru Restaurant. The four-day visit includes up to 12 courses with all members

of the party receiving the various elections. Wow! One imagined how cooks can

might keep it, but you will never be disappointed with your 3 hour meal

the waiting staff or cook. Location: 696 St. St. Clair St.

Chicago Museum Tour – Chicago has the best museums

country. One of the most beautiful and large collections of the Art Institute

world. Walk in the museum on Tuesday when the holiday is free

(though donations have always been recommended) and if you are a movie fan, remember

the Ferris Bueller walk. But the Art Institute is not the only great museum

Chicago. The Museum of Science and Industry is a great museum where it can be

is actually walking a foot, and of course the Field Museum is home to Sue's

The largest T-Rex skeleton in the world. The Chicago Architecture Tour

Continues in the 1800's and today. If you want to walk and see the great architecture

Chicago is a valuable place for more than a day. You can start with the famous

Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings (look at Unity Temple at 875 Lake St) and

Louis Sullivan (Visit the flagship of the famous Carson Pirie Scott flag State of St). THE

Monadnock and Mies van der Rohe post are also worth a visit. Some

modern masterpieces, visit the Illinois Institute of Technology campus for Man &

Crown Hall, Rem Koolhaas Campus Center and Helmut Jahn's new Dorms. Visit

The Millennium Park is worth a trip where you can see Gehry's one of the latest and

soon by adding Renzo Piano to the Art Institute.

Chicago is home to the most prestigious city dwellers. And no wonder

Why are there so many attractions in Chicago? Check out the favorite tourist sites,

but if you're interested in seeing some of your favorite Chicago sites, check it out

from the list above and see what's really special about Chicago.

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