Journey 101 Motorway in California – Beauty and the Dangers

This was our first wedding anniversary, and John and I decided to travel to California's famous 101 Motorway. It has never been in California, so we've been thoroughly researching the trip. John and I flew to San Diego airport, hired a car, and we started their journey. California seemed to be a paradise for us. A warm, dry climate with beautiful tropical plants and trees. It was simply beautiful! We felt as if we were close to heaven!

Later in the evening we drove down to a nearby beach and watched the sunset. Then we started having dinner in a Mexican restaurant. Then we walked into the hotel and planned the trip the next day.

The next morning we woke up and was a light breakfast hotel. Then we set off on the California Coastal Highway, which was the 101 Motorway. That day was our first wedding, and again we were two young children who were happy and carefree. We saw the most beautiful beaches and we stopped by the highway through the ocean. Such beauty and wonder were fabulous for us.

I realized California was mostly a desert landscape. It has a history and beauty that has a beautiful Spanish effect.

I felt I could watch the ocean for the rest of my life, and I did not even have a tire on it. This beautiful blue green waters and water life are beautiful beyond description! The ocean's sounds are so reassuring

We've driven many famous California cities to the north on 101st highway. Malibu was just one of the many hippos in our journey.

Our goal was to reach San Diego north on the San Francisco highway 101 and stop the sights along the way. We wanted to film the sunset over the ocean every night. Naturally, we were also watching videos of beautiful inviting beaches and other attractions.

The second night in Camarillo, California. We installed it in a nice hotel and decided to go to a local beach to watch the sunset. The map we used was some beachfront beaches, about five miles from the hotel, so we started to drive them. We lived in rural orange and strawberry fields. Everything looked very beautiful and peaceful.

We started running on the main street of a nearby town, which allegedly led to the beach. While we were driving, we saw the police doing it like a drug tower on the street. It was very creepy, he saw the people on the floor, and tied up with some ominous staring at the scene. We continued driving a few blocks away, and in a separate event police cars surrounded a vehicle that found a light column. The police had a man on the floor and tied others. The incidents in the small town were so astonished that I told my husband to go back to our hotel. That's exactly what we did. In the evenings, they dined at one of our quiet family restaurants.

These two events, so close to the same street, and in daylight, they were very nervous. Traveling in a new state, in new cities, not knowing anyone, or much of the areas we've been through. My mental red flags appeared and suddenly I was very worried about our journey.

After a night's rest we got refreshed and it was a nice day. We'll hit it again on the road. The highway led many kilometers further off the foothills of the mountains from the ocean. The landscape was new and different as we progressed. We felt good again and tried to forget the previous night's events.

I could imagine what it was like in the Wild West days, the Indians on the hillside, or the cattle with the cowboys. Mountain, desert and landscape have been thinking of past times.

Today's destination was Morro Bay in California. We walked through the magnificent Santa Barbara on the road. We decided that the city should stop on the way back to make some sightseeing.

Soon we were driving again to the ocean. This was always our favorite part of the drive. We did it in the weird, weird Morro Bay in the morning. We went to see him meet right away. We have seen the famous giant rocks that came from the ocean and surfing nearby. The wind was very hard and surprisingly good for your coats. I felt that California was all day long and hot. Not true! Sunny and frozen at times.

Then we decided to take a short drive north of the beach to see other sights. The landscape was even more beautiful when we were driving north. Breakers from the ocean to the shore were awesome! We saw a wave of breaks and a wonderful lighthouse. We met some interesting people to visit in picturesque landscapes. As we moved north, we saw a heavy fog so we did not go any further. We went back to the strange hotel room and rested for a while.

We began to dine at the Morro Bay harbor in a wonderful seafood restaurant and meet some nice German people sitting at a nearby table. They were on a bus on the west coast. They could not speak English, but they were very friendly and comical. Notwithstanding the language barrier.

After we purchased souvenirs the following morning, we decided that San Francisco was just too far north for middle-aged travelers. We decided to slow down a little and start seeing when we head south to the San Diego Highway 101 on Highway.

Santa Barbara first visited the list of cities on Highway101. We stopped at the Visitor Center and ventured into the nearby harbor to take sight of the sights. Of course, our camcorder has always been smooth, so we could cultivate the landscape in the coming years. We met some nice people from California and talked a bit about the individual states. Then my husband and I grabbed a fresh seafood sandwich from a small outdoor cafe and watched a dolphin near the harbor. Soon it was time for us to go back on the road and go south.

My husband used his new GPS to navigate our routes. John liked the way he took me to where he wanted to go. I did not like it because it took me more often to destinations on longer routes. Occasionally he took us through a few deserted trails

We made a bad turn in Santa Barbara and we found ourselves on a side road near the highway. We decided to drive the block and turn around to try to get back on the freeway. Suddenly, apparently, no one where a large number of Latino men set off on the edge of the road, hurrying to our vehicle! I started screaming, and my husband shot the car and started off in the crowd of men. They seemed to be very dangerous. Somehow my brother's husband got me to turn around and take us out of the situation. As I turned and looked back, a large group of men shook their fists and shouted at us. My heart was still racing and I was crying out of fear.

We still do not know what it is, but I'm half afraid of death! Immediately I got the migraine, and my husband and I could not even talk for ten minutes. Both of us stayed in the air from the shock of all the trials. I was nervous for the rest of the California trip. After that I began to pay attention to local news in our hotel and the media talked about gangs and gang violence in California overall. Suddenly he was aware of the danger he had never expected.

That same night we spent in California, Huntington Beach. I did not even want to have dinner. I was lying fast and told my husband I was ready to go back to St. Louis.

We took their time the next day and went south. We did not stop until we arrived in La Jolla. On the beach was a nice motel and stayed for three nights. We were near the motel, we saw the sights in and near La Jolla. It seemed safe and the area was very beautiful.

He still shook his previous bad experience and stayed close to my husband wherever we went.

On the last day of our trip we went to San Diego and a battleship. Then we went to the sightseeing of Coronado Island, and we had lunch late to look at the harbor.

I was very ready to go home the next day when we left San Diego. I said I would never go to California again. One day I'll eat the words and visit North California. But I'd rather go there with friends who know the area well.

I do not know this is just a bad misfortune or if these awesome events are often happening among the Californian tourists, and that's just a big, well-kept secret. If you travel to California or to other places near the Mexican border and go to the West, do the homework. Especially for travel safety! Learn everything you can at the crime level in the areas where you travel. They will then learn travel safety precautions and be aware of what they can expect. Get ready for the unexpected!

We've been in many other places in many other places, and we've never seen such a horror body or anything close to what we experienced in California. There was a real adventure in several ways than I ever thought of.

All in all, we enjoyed the awesome landscape and brought some good memories to the bad guys who lived with us. My self-taught travel experience, which my husband calls adventures.

If you want to travel, you are planning a journey of joy and safe journeys wherever you go.

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