Jamaica Weather – Best and Worst Times to Go

Jamaica weather in the months of the year provides a great place for the island while other months avoid the place

This island is a warm weather, lush vegetation and interesting people. Jamaica is the third most popular location in the Caribbean and is just 600 miles from Miami, FL

This is a particularly popular resort and has major attractions including Dunn River Falls and Kingston Capital

Jamaica weather slightly warmer than most Caribbean destinations. Despite the lush vegetation, it gets slightly less rain.

Average temperatures

Average monthly high temperature is close to 89 ° Fahrenheit and average monthly low 73 degrees, according to the World Meteorological Organization

June, July and August average Jamaica temperature 90 and falls to 91 degrees

December, January, February and March are only moderately lowered by about 87 degrees, making the island warmer Caribbean destinations throughout the year Average rainfall

Rainfall volume 2.7 inches per month. The average number of rainy days is 7.8 per month.

The precipitation amounts from December to April. This growth lasts from May to four inches, decreasing in June and July, and began to recruit in August, September and October.

This is because the annual Caribbean hurricane season officially runs from June 1 to November. 30 and reaches high

Jamaica islands are rarely hit by hurricanes, but they often perceive the effects and see the thorn in stormy activity.

In Jamaica, the worst month of rain is historically in October.

Jamaica's weather in October is the worst rainfall in 7,000 inches, followed by September and May. In the month of October it averages 14 rainy days.

Best time to go

The island is the most popular visitor in July.

Everyone who plans to vacation in Jamaica should consider months in December, April, June and July for the sake of the weather.

Avoid September, November and May, especially October as Months of High Rainfall and Highest Rainy Days

Worst months usually offer the best price for all-inclusive resorts

Anyone willing to take the risk of taking into account Jamaica's travel insurance for extra insurance in the autumn months.

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