Is TraVerus a lucrative and legal option? TraVerus Review

I decided to investigate TraVerus because of the number of fraud on the Internet … that's what I discovered …

TraVerus Travel is an international travel agency that is linked to agents. 90 countries around the world. The company supports travel opportunities for individuals seeking travel opportunities and also generates income that promotes opportunities for others.

TraVerus Travel is connected to ChinaClicks2, the 5CTV marketing partner. The company deals with ChinaClicks2 with the aim of building a traveling network in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.

The company deals with packages like international travel travel opportunities. The company also offers travel products such as energy drinks, dietary supplements and travel kits.

Connecting to TraVerus Travel enables you to build an online travel and network marketing business. One of the most beneficial ways of connecting to a potential network of individuals is the basic texting or writing of ads on the internet audience, marketing social networking, first contacting the direct network, generating a list of prospects, sending outgoing email explosions to prospective customers, and ultimately , through online marketing, are free or paid service providers.

TraVerus Travels & # 39; The compensation plan offers two ways to pay weekly through the binary registration system and the encrypted bonus system. This is far from the commission that will be earned after each sale. Business begins with the choice of your preferred product package – the core product suite that costs $ 199.95 and a business builder package that is sold at $ 399.95.

In the binary plan, you must first have two people who are active, ie both pay the monthly fees. Both people add the business volume to the binaries. Initially it is called Referral Travel Consultant or Leisure Travel Consultant.

The moment you reach a sales of 3 people a month will become executives and another 3 will become a regional executive until you reach the chairmanship position with a 30% full commission.

This is different from the strict procedure to give feet to the binary system. The bonus starts with the second personal sale. Weekly, the binary system will receive the full payment amount.

All sales of retail consultants are automatically determined for encoded sales. In this system, third-party sales will indicate the code. In particular, you can get an action by expanding the number of retailers and adding a percentage of your personal sales to your account when the computer picks up its third personal foot.

What I've seen so far seems to be a legitimate option.

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