I'm going to Aruba – What do I pack?

You are excited! You've spent a lot of time in Aruba and you have your airline and hotel reservations – you're ready. The next question is, "What do I pack?" If you have two words to describe the content of your dressing when you arrive in Aruba, it will be comfortable and casual.

Aruba is a country where people are very friendly and "go with the flow". Walking in the streets near the "high rise" and "low rise" hotels you see people in all sorts of casual wear. In the evening, holidaymakers can not dress "casual attire," but the rule on the island is comfortable and cool.

Do not forget that Aruba is a tropical country – the daily temperature is usually close to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and in the evening it is in the low 70 degree range. The humidity can be high, though it is mainly a desert island. Keep in mind that the island is blowing with constant commercial winds. This keeps things right even at warm temperatures.

So, considering all of these, what should be packaged?

first First, wrap the light. If you are staying on the island for a week, you will find everything you need in a carry case. The advantage is that you get faster from the airport when you arrive and when you get home.

2nd Swimsuits – In Aruba, the most important clothing item – in our opinion – swimsuit. Bring at least two. You can wash / rinse them in the hotel room and loosen them to dry out on lines where most hotels are in showers or tubs.

3rd Shorts and t-shirts are the following important clothing items that can be used to fit your clothing. Usually two or three pairs of shorts and four or five tees are packed. If you buy clothes when traveling, find lightweight trousers and t-shirts for outdoor activities such as hiking. They are easy to wash and dry quickly, meaning that you can reuse your clothes during your holiday.

4th Shoes, shoes, sandals, beach shoes, etc. – Sand is hot on the shore and depending on its location on the island, the sand may consist of small stones and shells along the water. Want sandal or beach shoes to wear on the beach and possibly in the water. Shoes or comfortable casual shoes are great for walking and shopping in the area of ​​shopping and dining. If you want to go hiking, you should take some hiking boots or shoes. If you are golfing, you can bring your own shoes or rent one at the course.

5th Hat and Sunglasses – Protection of the head and eye is important – the Sun has a very direct radius of Aruba as it is close to Equator. The hat is a great idea and sunglasses are almost vital to the days of the beach. Do not be breathtaking either for travel.

6th Evening wear – If you feel comfortable getting dressed for dinner, men can pack some lightweight pants and a golf shirt. The woman might want to have a light sunshine. Keep in mind, fun is the word even in the more isolated restaurants.

7th Sunblock Beach Shirt – If your skin is light enough – and if not, you should pack a sunblock shirt. These shirts should be worn in water and you should recommend Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 50.

OK – these ideas should be a great start to the suit. Remember the two keywords, convenient and casual!

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