If your employer does not pay for your travel expenses, do you go anyway? (Interview Like a Pro)

You asked for a very good job and your prospective employer calls and says you want to interview, but you will not be willing to pay the costs. What is this now?

This is a very tough question. On one hand, I'm always reluctant to pay the pocket costs. I would normally be offensive and I think I do not want to work in a business that does not pay my travel expenses. However, due to the deteriorating economy, I thought about thinking a bit. Some employers use this tactic to assist local candidates and examine whether external candidates are really interested in this work.

I asked myself a few questions before deciding whether to pay my own expenses:

1. Great work?

If not a good job, do not worry. If it's a fabulous job, you should consider it.

2. What are my odds or odds?

When you're interviewing, I'm always asking how many applicants have been asked? I like to know my chances. Usually the employer's representative says. If you are ten or twelve, I'll probably let you down. This is actually a preliminary screening, not a final interview. If you are one of the three or four candidates, I would say that you have a good chance of being equal.

3. Do you have an internal candidate?

Traditional wisdom is that the internal candidate is in the inner track in any position. This person has experience and knowledge as he is a number 2 person or a person acting in that position. It is also possible for a candidate who is already working for a company to receive a courtesy interview and is not necessarily the best choice at this time. It is also possible for an applicant who already works in the company to receive courtesy interviews and is not necessarily the best choice at this time. You may want to check your employer's blog or local newspaper articles to see what you find.

4. What are the actual travel costs?

Determine your actual costs. Maybe you can use frequent airport miles. Maybe $ 200 can invest or cost, but $ 600 is not. You have to do this.

5. Ask the company whether it will be part of the expenditure.

See if the company is sharing the costs or paying the ticket and asking the employer to pay for your hotel and food. I was an interview where the employer would pay $ 400. This basically paid for my ticket and I paid the other costs myself. I did not get the job, but I was glad I went. I had a learning experience and spent a night in Las Vegas

6. Do not forget to deduct

If you decide to pay the costs, remember to keep good records so you can claim tax deduction for job search costs. , you're going to do interviews like a pro

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