I do not know if you are astral projection? Here are 10 signs to be ready for astral projection!

The astral projection has its own symptoms. Now that we use the term symptom to describe a feeling or event below or below the astral projection, this is really a positive thing.

Symptoms say that we are doing something and getting closer and closer to success. Here are 10 of the most common symptoms of a person who will be through astral projection on a remarkable journey

. Temperature change

The feeling of temperature change varies per person. Some people say that they feel as if a cold wind blows into the room during a projection, while others feel warm or warm. Vibrations

Vibrations are common to people who are trying to project. The feeling is usually mild, but gradually strengthens, as people relax and concentrate.

Does your body actually vibrate? Not really. This vibration state is an intense concentration of your mind. Vibrations are considered to be one of the best signs that a person is close to the goal of the astral projection. Humming

In fact, people hear different sounds before the screen. Ringing is the most common voice. Some people hear the bird chirping or ringtones in the astral projection.

What is common to all voice related experiences, the intensity will soon become overwhelming. If the sounds are too loud or overloaded, we simply endure it because we reach the astral plane. So, if a symptom becomes more intense, the closer you are to the design purpose. Fast heart beat

With all the other feelings, you feel the change in heart rate. This is normal, though you may want to relax a bit more if your pulse accelerates painfully.

5. Motion Detection

Motion sensation is associated with other symptoms such as change in proportion and weight change. If you feel like flying, then the screening is coming.

6. Sleep paralysis

Sleep paralysis usually occurs when the physical realm is about to jump to the astral realm. In some cases, the ability to move your leg or arm is temporarily suspended as the spirit and mind reach the exit point leading to the astral empire. Again, this is perfectly safe and not permanent.

7. Visual Hallucinations

During your astral projection your mind (as well as your imagination) is very active. It's so active that the pictures and scenes look more realistic and are sometimes more disturbing than you are accustomed to. Do not be afraid. Whatever you see, it's just in your mind.

Respiratory changes

Respiratory changes often occur when a person is over-excited or tense under the astral projection. If you do not feel yourself breathing, just relax and try to breathe deeply until your breathing is normal again. Do not panic – it's simply your body's signal that it's not as quiet as during the projection. Weight Reduction

Two things can happen with weight sensing directly in front of the astral projection. You feel a very difficult feeling as if your body has won so much money to make gravity more difficult or you feel so light that you feel like floating. Weightless, floating or soaring feelings are the normal symptoms of astral projection

10. Proportion Changes

Changes in weight may occasionally occur. During the projection, one feels like shrinking to a smaller size. Or this may happen. She feels as if she is growing up or growing.

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