How to wear Pepper Spray Airplane Travel

The paprika spray, or the oleoresin capsicum, can legally be used for your personal protection and self-defense in most states. However, transportation of a defense spray or other harmful substance or device (eg a Stun Gun) may be somewhat complicated from one place to another, especially when traveling by plane. Today's airline restrictions are very strict and for good reasons. The limit values ​​are used to make all passengers and workers safer.

What Pepper Spray Products Are Allowed?

There are certain limitations on what you can actually transport while traveling on an airplane, otherwise it is forbidden to travel with other disability chemistry or equipment and strictly enforce these rules. According to the special rules for the pepper spray, spraying is prohibited on your own person or baggage. If you feel that your destination is in need of defensive spraying, it is possible to get there as you need to fill in the 4 oz sponge spray containers or boxes. or less on the checked baggage. Most pockets or purse-sized paprika spray cans you find will usually be 2.5 to 3 oz. and rarely greater than 4 oz, so this can not be a problem.

Tell the aircraft that there is an OC spray

If you decide to pack a small box of defense spray or stun gun for your checked baggage, this must declare the counters of the baggage counters. They probably want to examine the bowl (generally prescribed by the law) and make sure they prevent accidental discharge inside the bag.

While most self-defense spray dispensers are small enough to get into your purse or pocket, remember to scan and pass through a metal detector before boarding the aircraft. Hiding the tank can be arrested.

Do not Defend Your Protective Spray in the Trunk

If you feel that you are using your defense or stun gun for your personal protection on your final destination, you should know the airlines' safety instructions on how to properly packaging the spray is very important. Unfortunately, if you try to take security with the spray on the person or carrier bag, it is likely to be confiscated. Securely packed in checked baggage at the beginning of the journey is a much better way of handling the situation and ensuring that it is still protected when it arrives.

Check the travel destination for all state and city paprika shedding

Also be sure to thoroughly check your personal protective equipment laws and take out chemicals in your destination. It is important to understand that there are certain restrictions on the lawfulness of certain OC spraying in certain states, such as Massachusetts (need for a weapon card), New York (restriction of purchase points), Wisconsin (concentration restrictions bottling or other chemicals), Washington DC Registered), California (Container Size Limits), and Michigan (Limiting the Ingredients and Tank Size). In Canada, the paprika spray is completely illegal, so keep the paprika in the house in Canada.

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