How to turn your house into a holiday rental

The house for rest may think about it first … but you do not really have to. This is a process that you can really enjoy and have fun! I've set up houses for dozens and dozens of holiday vacations, my client's real estate, and my own homes. I understand what all aspects are concerned and need to ensure that the property meets the rules and rules of the government agency in order to ensure that all relevant elements are required by most guests. In my commitment to my clients to be successful in our holiday homes, I often find myself in the role of the "vacation rental advisor", which is most closely related to the government agency and compliance with codes, quality assurance and ongoing property maintenance, the current industry standard.

So, with this in mind, it's important to start with the basics when you decide to offer your house as a holiday home for travelers. In this article, I'll take the 5 most important steps to secure your vacation rental successes . As you read this, I advise you to consider that your house is in a unique city or city that this article is a general guide and that it is vital to be aware of the mood and rules of the local community and of short-term rentals rules. Always keep in mind that the house is a private property, not a hotel, and you should be careful and carefull to make the house and make sure you provide holiday accommodation as a holiday home.


The first thing you need to do is educate yourself about the community neighborhood, community, state, state, law, . Please do not just assume that since this is yours, you can do whatever you want. And please do not invest a lot of effort and cost when setting up a house rent until you rule out the possibility of laws that will prevent you from doing so. Many local and state government agencies have clear rules for setting up rented houses to become a business venture and probably have some degree of urban, county, and / or state licensing. Many government agencies also require that the house be rented legally for short-term leases, and must buy loca- tional and state tax to tourists renting their property.

Fast search for holiday news shows that short term rental rates are becoming more popular, many community licensing restrictions and very specific rules and regulations for hiring houses for a short period of time for tourists. Call local city or city government offices and go to the appropriate licensing department to answer your specific questions. Find out what special permits and / or tax numbers are to be rented by legally granting your house and ask them. I highly recommend you to help with a licensed local leasing agency that can help you understand and comply with community licensing and tax requirements. Now that you have determined that it is legitimate to rent a house as a vacation and receive the appropriate permits and tax numbers, it is time to reflect on your neighborhood, where the rental house is located. This may seem frustrating and many people point out this important step, but believe that you can save huge headaches and struggle with neighbors by proactively addressing this issue. Almost every article you read about communities that are resisting or trying to limit holiday vacations reflects the same neighborhood issues: noisy tourists set up loud parties, tourists who occupy local people for parking, and tourists ignore the garbage.

I've been in the vacation rentals business for years, with neighboring neighbors who have touched on code orders, the police and even expensive jurisdictions. Most of these questions would inevitably make sense through common sense and consideration. Find out who your neighbors are and do everything to communicate with them and determine you are resisting you to rent your house to tourists.

If you start renting your house for holidaymakers, you have to commit yourself to rent your house. It's important that you talk to them and find out if they "fit" your neighborhood. Ask them directly about what they plan on while renting a house for their vacation. For example, if you discover that a potential guest plans to release your home for a wedding or a birthday party, think about your neighbor's effects and if that's okay. There are some properties I can handle in areas that only accept very quiet pairs, others are prepared for acceptance of larger groups, and neighbors are clear about it and understand the rules. Find out about your neighborhood and create your own "house rules" that tourists must meet.

The biggest complaint is that most of the neighbors live alongside the cottages, noise. Some neighbors are more "sound-sensitive" than others and you need to know that your neighbor calls the police every time a holiday group is sitting in the swimming pool and listening to music. Enter the neighbors who are living on the letting and ask them to call directly if there is a noise problem. And if there is a problem, call the guests and ask them to silence them. Since you rent a house for tourists, it is your responsibility to make sure that guests in the guest house are respected by the local neighborhood.

3 – THROUGHOUT THE HOUSE [19659002] The house's equipment may be daunting if you have never done it before. Below is a list of basic home furnishing items to be provided. This includes suggestions on bed configurations, kitchenware, soft goods and household items. Our guests are looking for the ultimate comfort that most of us are looking for every day …

Enjoy the house for tourists and strive to strike balance between beauty and the economy. If we strive to attract a "higher buyer" customer, add some nice things and things that you would be welcome to be "a guest in your own home." You do not have to buy every new item, but please do not use garbage or the house starts to look like a non-popular garage sale. Add some interesting artwork, wall mirrors, artificial plants, and some nice nicknames – just be careful not to overdo it or start looking confused. Some personal pictures (a shot with friends or family members) are beautifully placed on the shelves … reminds guests that they are in a house and not in a hotel.

Suggested Bed Size Arrangement

The properties of a vacation rental are practical and "user-friendly" and beautiful. I found the following general layout to meet the needs of most guests. As a general rule, do not put too many extra beds in the bedroom, you do not want to give the "more" message. If the property is an office or den, then it is a pleasant property to add a desk or to create an office.

Try the "nicest" bedroom in the bedroom. The most beautiful bedroom is usually defined by the view and the features – for example, a private bathroom, a private deck, French doors leading to the pool or to the back porch or the largest bedroom if the property does not offer other unique features. If the property has several bedrooms with private bathroom and / or view, you are lucky to have a property that can be marketed with several bedrooms or suites … and this is fantastic. So couples traveling together do not have to go to the "best" bedroom.

About Bed Dimensions: The following layout is going on for almost two decades and listen to what the guests are expecting. Today, it seems that most people are sleeping in their homes in large beds, and many married couples staying at the resort are clinging to the queen bed. For some couples who do not have a king-bed option, they may be "shopkeepers" because they are convinced they can not sleep in a smaller bed with their partners. In order to say that, here are the basic suggested guidelines …

  • Two Bedroom House

Bedroom 1: Bedroom – They prefer the king bed. If the room is too small, use a queen.

Bedroom 2: – 2nd bedroom – Queen or 2 twins. (I find the two twins a better option because they can press the king.)

  • Three Bedroom House

Bedroom 1: Bedroom – They prefer the king bed.

Bedroom 2: 2nd Bedroom – Royal or King or 2 Twin

Bedroom 3: 3rd Bedroom – 2 Twin or Rear Seat

  • Four Bedroom House

Bedroom 1: Bedroom – Preferred King Bed, but if the room is too small, use a queen.

Bedroom 2: Second Bedroom – Queen or King

Bedroom 3: King or 2 Twin

Bedroom 4: 4 Bedrooms – 2 Twins or Scaffolding

Instructions for Cooking and Kitchenware

Buy a good set of good pots, the quality you can afford. You do not pay for "long-term" to get the cheapest because it does not last, but you do not have to buy the best either. Sometimes you find a nice stainless steel set in a box. Do not get the cheap aluminum material.

    Baking Pieces: 9X13 and 8X8, Baking Pails cookie plate, muffin tin, 1 cake dish, 2 cakes, 1 pizza saucepan

  • Mixing bowls: 2 large: 8 -; 2 medium: 2 to 4 liters; and 2 small: 1 to 2 quarts. These may be stainless or glassware.
  • Knives: Paring, large vegetables, butchers, bread and sharpening. (1 medium, large in size), mixing spoons (1 large, 1 medium), wire wicker, opening (a good manual the best), plastic cutting boards (1 large and 1 small), measuring spoons, rolling pin, rail, funnel and pliers.
  • Kitchen utensils: Toaster, coffee pot (electric drips – Mr. Coffee Style), mixer (high quality centrifugal frozen drinks)
  • Other kitchenware: 2-4 pot holder and holder, table pot, 6 pots, teapot (teapot, non essential, but nice), bread basket, aluminum foil and plastic cover
  • BBQ Grill: Cheap gas boom is the best. Purses, soup / grain cereals, small plates (up to 8-10 for best 8 or less sleeps), glasses (up to 8-10), 6 to 8 serving spoons, 2 grooved spoons, coffee cups or coffee spoons and sauces ( Service 10), 2- 3 bowls and bowls hors d 'ouvres or maybe turkey or roast. Bright, colorful side dishes are pleasant and help the "pop color" into the kitchen.
  • Cleaning Tools (available to guests): Hand Soap, Dishwasher Soap, Degreaser, Window Cleaner, Cleaning Suits, Large 2 to 3 Gallon Plastic Bucket, Mop, 2 Broom (1 Interior and 1 or Outside) porous frying pan

Guide to Soft Goods

You can equip your holiday home with quality bedding, towels, and window covers. Do not buy the cheapest soft products. They do not hold and are likely to get complaints. Guests have good quality towels and bedding, and poor quality items are sold poorly. You can save money from the discount store and from the home furnishing store.

  • Towel: For 2 Bedroom Rentals – 12 Bath Towels, 12 Towels and 8 Washable Clothes; for a 3 room rental – 14 bath towels, 14 hand towels, 14 washable clothes; For 4 Bedroom Rental – 16 Bath Towels, 16 Towels, 16 Laundry Cloths
  • Blankets and Cushions: 2 sets for each bed. Get a 400-digit card
  • Bed linens: Bed linens for each bed pillow (these are on the cushion before the pillow case)
  • Bedding or Cushioning: We pay attention to top quality hotel rooms. This writing (2011) travelers like overcoats (over kitchens) and / or mattress coverlets in today's market. Bedspreads should be washable
  • Decorative and comfortable items: Cushions, 2 or 3 blankets, tassels, carpets
  • Beach towels – 2 per room
  • – Nice curtains and / or

    Televisions are in bedrooms and in the main living / large room. I suggest a large TV (minimum 36 inches) in the living room and the smaller ones in the bedrooms (15 to 24 inches fine). Small flat-screen TVs should be installed on walls or offices for security reasons.

    Cable or Satellite: Do not provide paid view features. It is too difficult to keep track of these.

    Internet (DSL): WiFi router is the expected feature. Almost every tourist travels with laptops … and get upset if they do not have internet access.

    Stereo and C / D players: Most guests are traveling with iPods in today's market, but most still have some kind of music player. This can not be an expensive unit. It can be a big boom box detachable speaker and it must be large enough for people not to try to get it out.

    4 – Maintenance and Household

    is well maintained and perfectly clean. Keep in mind that while the house is not a hotel, it will offer it to holiday travelers and guests expect the fine and cleanliness standards set by beautiful hotels. This is not the place to cut corners, and if so, your house will soon appear in a travel log such as Trip Advisor, Flip Key, or rental locations that contain negative comments. Bad evaluation of poor cleaning and maintenance, even if you are over-indulgent by unscrupulous guests, can quickly stamp your home and prevent future guests from hiring. You simply have to bear the costs to keep the house at a high standard.

    Most holiday bureaus will advance their after-departure cleaning fee to guests to clean them when they leave. Guests are welcome and deserve to arrive in a clean and orderly property. Set the cleaning rate to cover the cost of leaving the house each time. Make sure you plan a sufficient amount of time to clean the house and rent even better rental rates. Make sure the carpets and furniture are cleaned as needed. In periods when the house is not rent, make sure it is deep clean. If necessary, replace towels and towels, never lay bedding, or create tired or stained bedding or towels.

    If your house has porches, decks and garden furniture, it's moldy and looks fresh for every guest who checks. Same windows, courtyards, landscaping, swimming pools and jacuzzi bathtubs – they must be kept to the quality standards or they will complain.

    This applies to household maintenance issues. You have to sharpen your handy capabilities and make sure all the bulbs are working, the / c filters are changed, the internet works, the TV remote controls work, the toilets are rinsing properly, and the pool and jacuzzi radiators work well. You should also be "called" to go through the property and make minor repairs. Unless you live in the same city as your rent, and we are fully committed to keeping it, we hire specialists for this. If you are unwilling or unable to respond or can not respond quickly to any maintenance needs, we suggest renting a professional rental office with staff to provide such services. This will save you a lot of headaches and save the reputation of your rental house.

    5 – Property Management – Advertising, Booking, Rental Contracts, Accounting

    Make your home a successful vacationer to start advertising and book. Today, there are more mega-vacation advertising websites to choose from, providing huge databases of available rental properties. Most of these settings are configured to create your own ad copy and download their own property photos. They expect to pay more than $ 500. to be on-line so that prospective tenants can find your property. You can also use social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, to help you make the most of your property.

    If you decide to manage your property, you must be fully committed to all aspects of your administrative processes. This means answering timely email and telephone queries, maintaining the availability calendar, negotiating with potential guests to find suitable tenants for the house, writing and sending rental contracts to guests, collecting rental fees, / or sales tax, collection and repayment of security deposits (or cost determination), payment of households and maintenance personnel, maintenance of public utilities, maintenance of permits and usually at the top of the bookkeeping. Many home-based reservation management software packages are available to help you stay organized, but will only work if you diligently update the information.

    You can also hire a local rental agency for professional management and advertising services for you. Over the years, many people have tried to advertise and manage their own vacation property, and ultimately found the process too time consuming and frightening. If they live in the same city as the apartment building, they eventually spend "leisure time" (and then some) ownership activities. And if they live in a different place, they are too overwhelmed to be able to go away remotely. I strongly urge you to hire a well-established local holiday office that understands the whole business and community where your house is.

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