How to Travel in a Wedding Dress

Extraordinary weddings are more popular than ever. Whether you go to the beach, the mountains or your hometown, you want to make sure your clothes are safe. With a little outlook, relax and enjoy the ride.

Wedding dresses are great! It is often a challenge if they are placed in tight spaces. The salons carefully wrap the wedding dresses in extra long garments, pulling on the train (usually a bust is in the dress in the dress). Although some brides like the idea of ​​passing their clothes to their destination, I do not recommend it. There is no insurance amount in the garment if you do not arrive safely. Take your bridal dress manually – it's too important for anyone to trust.

If you are traveling by car, you should have at least some flexibility in organizing luggage. First put all packages into the car and then carefully put your clothes on the top of the bags at the rear seat (I've heard that a bride is able to fit everything in her wedding to the trunk). Close the cloth from the small hook for dry cleaning on the rear of the car. One advice – if you are traveling in the winter, you must know that hard plastic bags used by wedding salons can really explode in extreme cold. If your clothes are sitting in a parking car for a long time, be sure to pack it in a garment (with plastic cover in your clothes to protect it from moisture).

Traveling the plane is a hassle as everyone knows. There are endless restrictions on the baggage and vary every time. The best solution is to check the airline shortly before your trip to suit your needs. The most important thing is to NEVER put your wedding dress on the checked baggage! The risk is too high to get injured or to forbid heaven, not at all. Then what would you do?

You will not use the standard length bridal bag as a boot. It's too long and too easy to break. US Airways, for example, claims that wedding dresses should cost up to 54 inches long, and should therefore be pushed to the shoulder in their shoulders to fit in the upper compartment and if you are lucky enough to dress the garment in the first class cabinet ( everyone has a soft spot for the brides) or you can do what Tricia Nixon has done for the White House wedding – buy her bridal dress in her first class home

not just for your wedding dress to design – your accessories are also very important, they wrap their shoes, tiaraats and other accessories in a carry case and in all of these limits you may have to ask your bride to pick up your bag as he wears the item (keep in mind that even the suit bag), another option to dress and the accessories are wearing clothes in a carry case. I know you're awfully thinking I cramming for your beloved dress with a small bag, but you must have professional access when you arrive at your destination, anyway. Be sure to keep your wedding jewelry in your wallet. Never leave any jewelery in front of your eyes, especially the fabulous wedding jewels!

Believe it or not, I once knew a bride who had flown halfway in the country before he noticed that his dress was still in the wedding shop (the shop owner was totally panicked about trying to reach the homeless bride). He had to fly, get his clothes back and have to go to his wedding destination again. So the most important thing in memory is to remember to pick up your dress from the bridal salon before you hit the road!

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