How to stay safe as a one-man traveler

More people love to travel, but thinking about traveling alone prevents them from making an adventure. The fact that people are afraid of traveling is "traveling alone", but the good news is that they can travel as independent travelers and stay safe on the road. Use these following rules on the road as I've always followed them and have been the best of my life.

Trust you in instincts if you have an inner feeling for something that is not right and this is a relief. Then do not go to him, listen to your heart. This feeling naturally strengthens over time, while gaining more experience as an individual female traveler.

Never Fear To Say No

Never fear to say "No" your solo journey is yours to enjoy. So decide what to do and what to do if someone wants to give you another whiskey and you just do not want to say it is not. You do not have to make someone happy, except for yourself.

Keep a Dummy Wallet

Some professional personal travelers should be advised that beginners need to keep an empty wallet with them, which means they can buy cash and credit cards and place them in the baler. It's enough for the thief to think that something worthy to steal while the real wallet can be hidden in the sock.

Listen to the locals

If you are visiting a foreign country, ask the staff about possible fraud and fraud. Talk to locals about the place and ask them where to go. Trust me, locals are much better than any tour guide.

Dress Properly

When traveling to another country, try not to get out of the crowd, you should be dressed properly. In fact, try to dress like locals. In some countries, you can not pick up a container, and if you do, you need to find a cloth that is usually done in Muslim countries. You can wear jeans in Muslim countries, but you can not wear shorts or mini skirts. Therefore, before you travel to a foreign country, look for the code of clothing.

Copy a Passport Copy

If you are traveling alone, it is recommended to make a copy of each important document. Keep electronic copies and copies with you when the worst happens and your original documents are lost or missed.

Knowing Your Friends

I know that personal travel means you've cut off the world and planning an exciting journey for yourself to provide peace and rest to your mind. On the other hand, it is very important that someone informs you when you come back to where you are and give you access to a war emergency or give a minute to tell you how well you are.

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