How to stay safe and secure on vacation

With great pressure and great stress on work or studies, it is smart to reward yourself for a well-deserved vacation as it relieves your mind and body from the weight of stress. But if you leave your guard for security and safety and ignore these things, your vacation may become a disaster.

Here are some tips to make your vacation fun, safe, exciting, and secure.

Travel by Air

Traveling is an important aspect of your holiday. You must follow some simple rules before you begin your journey.

first If you use an electronic ticket, make sure you have it and transfer your receipt.

2nd You must have at least 2 valid forms of identification outside your passport.

3rd Keep an eye on your luggage and never leave your luggage unattended.

4th Do not carry any package or package from strangers.

5th Keep the prescription drugs on the bags. Never place them in the trunk where you need to log in.

6th Keep your value in the bags. Never place them in the trunk that you need to log in.

Road Safety

Some travelers love their favorite resorts and, together with the family, on the vacation, have new security and security risks. Precautions must be taken to ensure that everyone feels good.

first Overloading the vehicle can cause trouble, so make sure you know the weight of the vehicle and the traction limit. Do not exceed these limits.

2nd An emergency kit is always available. The kit must include: first aid kit, jumper cable, tow rope, flashlight, repair tools and safety alarms. If the room allows, there should be drinking water and a dried tank.

3rd Make sure that the luggage on top of the vehicle is secure and protected.

4th Pass fluid levels, tires, wiper blades and glare of the vehicle with a specialist before driving on longer journeys. Mechanical problems can be avoided if the vehicle is in good condition.

5th We should be very careful when we think we are giving strangers.

6th Keep the doors closed and windows when leaving you unattended for a vehicle for a long time.

7th Follow all traffic rules and regulations.

8th Always wear safety belts.

ninth Do not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The Dream Break

The actual journey that gets to the place of vacations is not the only aspect where there is a problem or an obstacle. You can talk about boo-boos as well while having fun and fun. Please keep these precautions in mind.

Your "vacation vacation" would not be complete without having to pay for your souvenirs, accommodation and good time.

There are countless unwanted people who insist on an unsuspecting traveler, he is delighted with what he can ever get.

About Money and Valuables

1. Use credit cards and travel checks during your holiday, avoiding large amounts of cash.

2nd Be discreet when buying a big ticket.

3rd Keep it safe in a safe place. The hotel desk and the car's trunk are advisable locations that preserve their values.

4th Be attentive, attentive and confident. Do not be wrong in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Unknown Places and Aliens

1. Listen to your instincts, they will not fail.

2nd When visiting places that do not know the group travels. The bigger the better and the safer.

3rd Ask the tour guide or hotel manager about places or safe places and places that are dangerous and should be avoided.

4th We suggest you create a map of your vacation location and the surrounding area where you are going.

5th After dark, well lit and open areas.

6th Always pay attention to the neighborhood and all suspect people or places.

7th Avoid places that are more likely to fight, or any type of volatile scenario will explode.

Traveling with Children

1. Make sure your children know the phone number and address of your location.

2nd Never leave the baby unattended.

3rd Remind your children not to talk to aliens or to accept something from strangers.

4th You know where the puppy's friendly neighborhoods are in the neighborhood.

Health during Freedom

1. Get your medication for allergies and illnesses.

2nd Bring your personal doctor and your children.

3rd Bring out vitamins and minerals.

Secure the house you will leave.

first If possible, obtain a trusted place of residence or guardian to check your place of residence at the time you are not present.

2nd There is a home alarm system.

3rd Make sure all doors and windows are closed.

4th Stop news and postal mail on vacation.

5th Make sure your loved ones have the contact information you need to contact them.

Holiday is truly fun and relaxing, but the safety and security of the individual and family can not be seen. Criminals preach those who are not prepared or do not take time or do not work for self-defense. Be sure – do not be a victim.

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