How to Make Havelock Celebration Fun

Havelock, the largest island in the Andaman Islands, is one of the most popular destinations for tourists visiting Andaman. The picture with perfect landscapes, awesome beaches and exciting activities can not miss this island when you plan to visit Andaman. While the indigenous town of Andaman will sail to Port Blair, the capital, sailed to Havelock to make the best price guarantee most comfortable. So, why should Havelock visit you? Let's look at!

Visit the best beach in Asia!

Walk along the beach and enjoy sunrise and sunset in Havelock. Obviously, this is obvious. But we want to emphasize that the best Radhanagar Beach, which was awarded the "Best Beach in Asia" in 2004, and "World's # 7th Best Beach by Time Magazine".

Go deep into the sea

is looking for a wonderful dive experience, fulfilling your dreams while you are in Havelock, whether you are a beginner, middle-level or expert, can have an equal chance of diving into the ocean to discover different bases, corals, reefs , wrecks, and numerous water species such as shrimp, crabs, boat fish, snappers, barracuda and sagle rays. The best places to experience diving Havelock include Elephant Beach, Wall, Seduction Point, Barracuda City , and Mac Point

Enjoy shallow water

For those who are afraid to try diving, snorkeling is your chance to discover vibrant coral structures and wonderful marine life without being too deep. is the best snorkeling venue with clear waters and crystal clear sea waves. You can look at various marine species such as pork, red shell and leafy dragon as you enjoy the shallow waters.

Experience the Underwater Walking

How about the Underwater Walk? Sounds amazing, is not it? Instead of swimming and diving, you can simply stand between the aquatic fauna and fauna and interact, and you can walk amongst the coral and the magnificent fish underwater walking activities. The best place for this activity on the Elephant Beach

Go Kayaking

Havelock is also one of the most popular kayak targets! You can kayak among the dense lush mangroves and backdrops around the islands. Discover mangroves by kayaking, maneuvering through aerial traffic.

Go Trekking

Elephant beach with white sand and crystal clear waters is a 20-minute drive from Havelock Island Pier. You can stroll through the dense forest on the beach to enjoy wonderful hiking in the island landscape. However, if you visit Monsoons, you can go on a trip to make sure the dangers of wet and slippery woods are safe.

These are just the culmination of what Havelock can do. He can do so much here after he has done these activities and there is enough time left. You can hire bicycles and explore the island with you without having to interfere with your privacy. You can charter a charter boat and go to the island. It's also going to be vadhacing. The list will only continue. So, if you want to experience all that we say and do not forget to fly to Havelock by landing in Port Blair

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