How Safe Is Hawaii?

This article answers a question you often asked me – "How Safe is Hawaii?" It's not like Hawaii's bad reputation. Hawaii really got a very high reputation for the safety of tourism. But since Hawaii is an exotic place far from the US mainland, it's natural that visitors ask this question.

Here is what I think (and based on Hawaii living for many years, and here many of the islands go here with my husband and children, alone with my kids, including many Waikiki visits) – Hawaii is also one of the safest places where on vacation.

Now, like everywhere, there are places where I do not go alone in Hawaii at night, very few. These will be the party spot camps that attract drugs. Oahu is in some of these places. Otherwise, I'm not going to the bars, but if so, I would avoid the dangers. And I did not walk late in the evening to Waikiki after the buses and trolls stopped. Depending on the isolation of the car park, I would not leave my camera in the car. But then why did I want to take this photo?

Here's the deal – Hawaii likes visitors. Here tourism is the mainstay of tourism. The crime rate of the state is not perfect, but it is a very good task to protect visitors.

Honolulu, a city with a population of just over a quarter million, is one of the largest and safest cities in the United States. I'm not saying anything bad that has ever happened to someone. Sperlings Best places rank Honolulu 8 to 10 for the offense and 10 for the offenses 6. But again, I feel safe walking the day with my son and taking the car at night. Let's look at some of Hawaii's smaller towns.

Lihue, the capital of Kauai, is ranked by Sperlings Best Places as a 1 offense for both property and violent crime. It is on a scale of 1 to 10, and 1 is the lowest. Kailua-Kona is on 3rd place at Big Island, which is still very good. Lahaina, Maui, occupies one place in both areas. These are all popular tourist destinations. Bottom line – most visitors to Hawaii are safe.

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