How far is frequency travel?

How far is the frequency; how far is the light? Some say the whole universe if nothing is on the road. Nobody knows for sure, but it is suspected by some scientists. Some believe that Extreme Low Frequency (ELF) may differ by time, space, gravity, and all kinds of interactions. Some people believe that these ELFs are what keeps us.

Other waves may disturb you. Earth is 7.89 Hz, which is an extremely low frequency ELF range. The US Navy uses it for communication. The HAARP project is studying them for communication, preventing droughts, changing weather, helping crops, all kinds of things. Uses are endless. We know they can travel on Earth. The biological system of the organs operates at such frequencies and bacterial signals are also close to this. Brain waves within these provinces; ELF, very low frequency VLF and even ULF or ultra low frequencies. They are everywhere and we all know what we are, we are. They belong to those that come to life, think, and perhaps even more.

In Ultra-Low ULF ranges, we believe that Earthquake Frequency Monitoring capabilities. To find out more about these frequencies, you can search for Google, Yahoo or at:



Brain Waves

Gravity Waves

Time Theory

Earthquake Prediction

Submersible Waves of Communication

The more you know about these waves, the more you will understand our sphere in the world and the universe, is that so few can describe it well. He begins to understand how our mind, our biosystem works, and how this dimension works. I would like you to know more about what you think in your question.

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