How do we travel from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) to Downtown Washington DC

Frequent airplanes and those who do not fly to Washington often want to know the fastest way to get from the airport to their destination. Discover how DCA can reach Downtown DC comfortably – and economically. With this proven airport delivery, you get stress-free in the capital city – and make more money on your wallet.

For stress-free, convenient traffic from the DC neighborhood, take the metro to Reagan National Airport (DCA) near the hotel near China Town in the Penn District. We found the baggage inside the DCA near the mortgage and we simply followed the signs at the central station. Maps and information on the metro system are easily accessible at the airport's metro station. Correspondingly, the "Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport" station where the yellow or blue line is available. The yellow or blue line takes you to downtown DC. The Metro ticket dispensers are on the right wall.

Washington DC travel tips:

Washington DC Travel Advice # 1: Buy multiple fare for friends or family with a credit card, select "B" button , then click the same button again 3 times, click again on 4, and so. It saves time and credit card slots. For one person, we paid $ 1.35 from Reagan International Airport to the Chinese city of downtown Washington DC.

Washington DC Travel Tip 2: If you are a Republican, call Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport for "Reagan". My liberally coordinated friend corrected me when I said I was flying to Reagan. He said, "I call her a nation." So, politically correct if you are democratic, call the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. This Republican is a "Reagan". If you are an Independent, you can fly to Dulles International Airport (DIA) DC an hour south, though unfortunately DIA has no DC Metro service.

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