How Can Astral Travel – A Light Astral Projection Technique That Can Quickly Master

Want to know about the astral journey, but do you struggle to finally let go and experience the wonderful pleasures of astral projection? The astral projection is not difficult, it is actually a completely natural process that requires less thought than most. If we ultimately strive to learn astral travel, then this article will help you achieve the first body experience.

One of the most important things you should remember when you learn the astral journey is that your conscious mind usually retains. Even though the astral body leaves your physical exercise, most obstacles are simply too much to think about.

Astral travel seems to be the most out of this world, surreal and somewhat odd, but this is what holds most people. If you have any skepticism or fear, you will almost completely ruin your chances of learning how to do the astral journey properly.

First for the first time. The least critical element is distraction of the mind. This is the place where practice is perfect, but using some relaxation techniques, such as self hypnosis and mediation, can greatly help.

Tell yourself you want to experience the wonderful joys of astral projection and the astral journey. Believe it, feel it and let it take over your mind. Sit in a quiet place, quietly, rest your arms on your body, and do not cover yourself in thick blankets. Feel the air around you and begin to let go.

Take deep breaths and focus and breathe in your voice. Hold it in a nice, constant pace. Tell your body to let go, start with your feet and let the rest spread to your body.

The deeper the rest, the more you feel, you will feel emotional feelings as your body slides deeper. 19659002] Embrace this wonderful feeling and let it continue. If your thoughts suddenly appear in your conscious mind, you simply drag them away and concentrate your breathing.

When fully relaxed, there may be some predstrictive projection symptoms, such as fast heartbeat and vibrations. Let the vibrations absorb your body, you get closer.

Do not worry too much when the vibrations begin to get worse, first you have to settle for them.

If these strong vibrations are very close. One of the simplest ways to start astral projection is the idea of ​​a rope down from the ceiling. Create this rope with your mind and imagination.

Look at the rigging with your astral body and not your physical body. Focus on the feeling and the image to climb this rope, leave your physical body, and begin your astral journey.

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