Holiday without your dog – 5 ways to welcome your dog happily

If you and your dog are inseparable, planning a holiday may result in mixed feelings if the plan does not allow the dog to be inserted. Here are five things you can design your dog to keep him (and you too) happy as long as he's gone.

first Probably the least disadvantaged plan is to let you stay home in the familiar environment and hire someone to stay in your home until he's gone. Think outside the box and invite a non-urban family member or friend to stay at home in your home, who takes care of your grandchild. This is someone you trust completely and someone you love your dog and who likes your dog. If you do this, you must start early by gradually inserting this person into your dog until both are comfortable with each other. Try to leave the room longer and finally leave the house with your dog and caretaker alone. When the day of vacations arrives, it is not a sudden change to stay alone.

2nd Discover the neighborhood for an older teenager who is close to life and has a lot of responsibility to come and feed, play, and walk on his dog several times a day. It goes without saying that this young man is trustworthy and has a good relationship with the dog. Predictably, giving everyone the chance to adapt to the new routine, the most important thing is to keep things as smooth as you are away. Make sure your teen's parents are ready to back up any kind of emergency.

3rd If you can not find someone you trust or want to live in your home while you are away, there are some pet services that send you someone as often as you want to catch, walk and visit. Make sure you have received recommendations from others who are using them, and a licensed and / or affiliated company will give you more peace of mind. The introduction of this person may take place well before your travels, so you can solve any problems and give your dog the opportunity. If your dog's walking is part of what the caretaker will do, then walk with them the first few times and then leave them a short stroll alone and finally a longer stroll. If everything goes well, the transition must go smoothly as long as you are away. If you need this person to give you medication, be sure to let the nursing practice travel (without the need for and without medication) before you go.

4th Ask your parents if your dog is able to stay with them. This is the perfect solution because your parents already know and love your dog (hopefully) and it is a transition that would be smooth if you have a protected yard. If this is an option, be sure to bring your dog with you when you visit and usually leave it longer before it comes back. If your parents have other pets, make sure they all go well before taking this plan. Occasionally, the pooch will not miss a punch when wrapped up to go for a longer stay that feels home away from home.

5th Professional boarding is the last one on this list because you need your dog most. Some dogs are better in this situation than others, so you will have to decide that this is a plan you should consider. Some services offer more services than others. For example, you pay a surcharge for your dog to walk several times a day, and facilities that allow outdoor swimming, playing time, and human and dog interaction are often more expensive. Start looking at your town early, ask your vet and other dog owners for dining options that they feel are of the highest quality. Take the facilities that you randomly think of and look at how other dogs look, how you feel and talk to people who might be coming and get their views on their dog's care. The choice of facilities should be fresh and clean, and dogs should be happy and healthy.

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