Holiday with your dog – 5 dogs' holiday ideas

If you are one of the people who keep your dog as a member of the family and are happier with your dog on the side of the bed and in the car, you probably would not think it without an extended rest. Here are five ideas for a great vacation for the whole family.

first Find your favorite hotels. More hotels and motels can open their doors to pets, and these rooms are available for all hotel prices in the range and style. Do a little research online and find the terms much different. Some claim a repayable deposit; some simply spend more in the room overnight and some charge a deposit which can not be refunded regardless of the condition of the room at check-out.

2nd Select a destination that allows you to spend most of your time with your dog and not leave it in the room for a longer period of time, but when it happens, it can be seen for a week or so. If you choose a place where the dog can not be with you during the day, make sure that the water is available, leave the air conditioning comfortably, leave the TV low and remember to place the do not bother ] indicate the door to avoid contact with the hotel's staff.

3rd You rent a house that is pet friendly. This will give you the best control over how your family selects the holiday every day. Choosing mountains, beaches or other open air destinations means that your dog can spend large portions each day. If your family enjoys riding, biking, hiking, and swimming, and the house you chose will allow you to enjoy a perfect family vacation.

4th Arrange your house with your family or friends in distant places for a holiday. And it is likely that close families and good friends need to do this successfully. It is easier to budget than paying for a hotel or house and is a great incentive for both parties to clean their homes and yards. Make sure you know that your dog will be on vacation in your home. You have permission to make minor changes as a dog friendly as your own home and remember to put things back that have returned to their place before returning. And, of course, if they leave home in the original state, they will probably be invited to another stay next year.

5th There is no rule that says your vacation must be completely away from home. In fact, sometimes the stress that lies in preparing for home-based travel does not make the vacation pleasant. You can do countless daily excursions, some of which may include your dog and some that do not. But daily excursions would always make it possible for them to return home to their puppy in the evening as you work. You can spend some days at home with your dog, doing things you always do for yourself if you do not spend long walks in the home, picnics in the park, or even a good book and your dog on your feet for a day.

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