Holiday: Time for Thinking and Charging

"Holiday was a luxury, but it has become necessary in today's world." – Car Unknown

Tomorrow, my family, a few friends, and we're going to a beach vacation on the planet's favorite spot – in Rosemary Beach, Florida. We've been doing this for years. Rosemary Beach is an idyllic family getaway – beautiful, weird and safe. And most important, one of Florida's most beautiful beaches lies along the Emerald Coast.

To put it mildly, I like the shore. I can not properly describe words, why I'm like this. I often thought that it might be because scientists in the science say that humans are basically the same as mineral water in the ocean. As a baby we swim in the oceans of our mother's womb. Perhaps a man has a lifelong desire to return to his earliest environment.

I like all of them. Warm wind on my forearm, ocean smell with drowsing lotion, touch of sand on my feet. I love how the ocean wind dries the skin and blows my hair. I like to think what's going on – deep in the ocean. One day in the day I can take a break that I can not reach anywhere else.

My vacation on the seaside has three goals. First of all, I just want to enjoy the above. I also spend time with my wife and kids when we are not so busy with the responsibilities and interferences of our everyday life. My wife and I can walk on a long beach and have a long conversation. I like renting a rented bike to any place I need to go. I like to eat fresh seafood, sip the most beautiful bourbon and smoke the good cigars. I'm reading an amusing book.

My second goal is to use it every day to meditate over the past year. I would see how they change in my life and are constantly changing. In personal victories I will enjoy, and I will also make some decisions for the coming year. This year, my most important thoughts are about trying to live in the present moment, trying to live in a ruthless and positive way. I want to slow down. I want to be so deep in being a better and more positive person.

My last goal is to upload it. I take into consideration that my "current" needs are recharged from time to time. I'll have a little rest. There will be no stress – my most difficult task will be shaving and, according to my most important decisions, how many times should I hit the Sugar Shakot ice cream every day. I'm gonna play pretty games and hopefully laugh several times. I'm ready for another year.

Every day I put the marks in the sand – the footprints. But just like every year, the ocean will soon wash them. There will be no sign of going through the ocean, except the tragedies left in my soul; I hope this year I let go of meaningful paths.

Yes, I'm looking forward to your vacation. I need it and enjoy it. If so, please try to do it yourself. All of us need time for rest, reflection and replenishment. Peace.

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