Holiday role playing – Safe

Suppose you play one of your favorite roles with your partner, where he goes into a bar and flirts every guy there, just home with his boyfriend at the end of the evening. This is a commonly used game that couples love. You know you can go home with him and you can take some liberty, maybe you will not have enough progress to try it if you really flirt with strangers. Knowing that he is listening is a special and safe feeling.

This is the hot excitement of boys watching your daughter rub the guy, flirting a little, and knowing that he'll come back with you tonight. This voyeuristic approach to the foreplay is very common among couples who are comfortable with each other and with little jealousy.

However, if you travel on a vacation in another country, you should consider this kind of sexual fantasy game. You may find yourself in hot water or in real danger if you are not aware of local customs.

If you leave the country, make sure Americans are looser in dating and courtesy. Japan or Korea is expected to pay for the first moves and for all drinks. If he comes to a guy in a Japanese bar, they're a bad habit for a woman.

is in reverse in Australia. Women often take the initiative and even expect to pay. To be your friend who can move on a girl for the first time, you can get it back (no stitches, but if the shoes fit …)

Local habits vary widely from country to country. The south is still a pretty old school, if you want to flirt with guys in the bar, then go home with your boyfriend, think twice, that can be a fight.

The northern and university cities are the best places to play this game. Picture Bars and Pubs offer a wide selection of cute kids and drink lots of women. If this type of role play is yours, try a university town. Big parties and outdoor gatherings are not good places to play, especially if there are hidden places such as camping or party parties. Never play the game in areas where you can get it and your friend can not find it.

Always stay in the bar and make sure you know where you are at any time. Using the eyebrows to let her know how to go to the ladies' room is effective, and there is a sign that means things went too far and you have to leave. It is best to keep the game at a minimum level. Know your environment, your local habits, signs, stay sober and be alert. These musts have fun and are good at home.

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