Holiday in Japan – Study in Contrasting Cultures

There are two words about the importance of Japanese vacation: culture and contrasts. Japan's riches and diversity are only for your own cultural heritage, and if you stay for a week, two weeks or a few months, you're always surprisingly easy at home at one and the same time, but moved to a world that looks unique anywhere else.

Tokyo is one of the best-known cities in which many of them can choose. This is not only because of the 13 million people who create a city that is home, but because it has become increasingly popular in Hollywood with the James Bond movie, the "Only Two Twice" , as well as "My Geisha" and "Lost In Translation".

Snowfall dominated by the tip of the distant mountains is a proof of modern architecture, the glass and steel joining the sky; it's a remarkable achievement, but do not spend too much time in the sky because the real Tokyo is on the floor, from all the beautiful sushi bars to trendy shopping experiences. If you enjoy modern, vibrant shopping, you have time to spend Harajuku on the Japanese holiday, often called Tokyo's Champs-Élysé.

Or leave the bustling streets of Tokyo's downtown and visit the breathtaking Meiji Jingu Shrine. The original sanctuary was erected at the beginning of the twentieth century, from Japanese cypresses and copper. unfortunately this is the II. but it was rebuilt in the 1950s to create a wonderful modern masterpiece that really captures the original spirit. Here is the Meiji Memorial Gallery and it is worth spending time to admire the beautiful wall paintings of the Meiji Emperor and his wife.

When dining in Tokyo and Tokyo during your vacation in Japan, as in most parts of Japan, the culture is dominated by fish; in fact Tokyo itself is a symbol of fish. It is worth recalling a little bit more than usual and moving towards the Tsukiji Fish Market, which is generally referred to as the Tokyo Metropolitan Wholesale Market.

Fish are often so fresh that they are still moving! The sale of fish is unbridled and absorbing, and then it is highly recommended that you enjoy the best of Japanese fish with a great sushi breakfast. If you've never tried this before, you really do not know what's missing. Japan is full of contrasts and it is best to enjoy them, it is worth diving and taking part in traditional customs.

Before leaving Tokyo, another aspect of Japanese culture that you have to experience and which is very opposed to the city center's throbbing and whining is the Hamarikyu Garden. In Japan, you should not be on vacation without looking at these beautiful gardens, which occupy nearly one million square meters. They provide a peaceful retreat where you can enjoy a pleasant stroll, perhaps enjoying the traditional teaspoon at the Nakashima casino in the middle of the garden. The flowers here are fantastic, peony gardens and plum tree park are just two examples of areas that appeal, regardless of the season. Depending on when you are visiting, there are many exhibitions and exhibitions that show more about Japanese culture such as Japanese goshawk hunting.

Many people today associate Kyoto with the international climate agreement (or disagreement), but this was the imperial capital of Japan. There are many interesting opportunities to explore Japan's culture and many controversies with Tokyo, despite the fact that both names were anagrams among themselves. In the beautiful lush valley between the mountains of the Tamba Mountains, Kyoto City offers the opportunity to experience Japanese customs as the art of calligraphy.

In all the world's written languages, in Chinese and Japanese, the symbols are probably the most artistic and ornamental. Although Chinese sounds are very different from the Japanese, they use the same leaf format and it's worth experiencing this for yourself. The real master can help anyone feel the beauty of creating beautiful shapes. If you are interested in learning new things, you may rather have to know more about yourself instead of taking part in tea-making and the Kyoto specialists will be more willing to teach this ancient tradition.

However, because of the true taste of Japan's Japanese culture and tradition, one option is hidden in Kyoto, which is difficult to find, yet it is worth knowing who should. The ghetto's secrets have long been known, but rarely understood; it is still less common for you to experience yourself, and even the Japanese are a great honor.

Westerners, however, can experience the singing and dancing ceremonies of geese, and elsewhere, continents with modern Western cultures as the culture and heritage of the Japanese Kyoto region. But it should be noted that the Japanese holiday culture is hugging itself to break the return tickets.

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